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4.1 · 14 reviews
4.1 · 14 reviews

Molly Bawn
Molly Bawn
Posted 5 years ago (Jul 18, 2016) ·
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On August 1, 2012, I was in a serious car accident and had emergency surgery performed by Dr. Larry Bloomstein on a broken radius and ulna. I had other injuries as well, but this was the most serious. The surgery went well, although I think the team must have spent hours picking glass out of my arm.

Dr. Bloomstein’s aftercare helped me piece my life back together. I was afraid to drive again and because my baby had been in the car, although unharmed, I somehow became terrified that my family was in immediate danger.

Dr. Bloomstein asked me to think about seeing a therapist, and to start exercising and journaling to work though the trauma. He also cautioned me about the dangers of the pain medication I was on. I quickly started to taper off of these and realized my pain was manageable without medication.

I took his advice and in fewer than three months, I was back at work, enjoying my life, my career and most of all my family.

Dr. Bloomstein played a large role in my overall recovery.

I can’t thank him enough.