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Haskell, NJ

4.9 · 250 reviews
4.9 · 250 reviews

Ezron Burrell
Ezron Burrell
Oakland, NJ
Posted 6 months ago (Nov 24) ·
Your technician came into my home with muddy boots which stained the carpet on all the surfaces that he walked.
Business Owner's Reply · 6 months ago (Nov 24)
Thank you for bringing to our attention that my technician who is new to our company was not informed of our booties at all times policy - we have brought to his attention - the company he came from did not requiretheir technicians to wear them unless asked. He has now been informed Abarb Pest Services requires all technicians to wear booties in residences at all times. Our thanks for your help in making our technicians the best in the industry and to always exceed our customers expectations.
Our many thanks!