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Redwood City, CA

4.6 · 125 reviews
4.6 · 125 reviews

Birgitte Moyer
Birgitte Moyer
Portola Valley, CA
Posted 3 months ago (Feb 13) ·
I am generally quite happy with your pest control service, setting rat traps and collecting dead rats mostly the same day I call. It would be helpful if the person coming out knew where the traps were set. Several times the service person did not know where the traps were set and missed a number of them. If we are home, we can show them where the traps are. But we are not always home; the appointments should specify when the service will be, e.g. within a three-hour period, instead of just saying what date they will come.
The bottom line:
1. make appointments more specific than just the date.
2. make sure the service person knows where the traps are set, or have the same service person come each time.
Thanks, Birgitte Moyer.