PSCC137 c/o Larlyn Prop Mgmt Review
Aanteater Pest Control And Wildlife Services, Inc

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Hamilton, ON

4.8 · 273 reviews
4.8 · 273 reviews

PSCC137 c/o Larlyn Prop Mgmt
PSCC137 c/o Larlyn Prop Mgmt
Mississauga, ON
Posted 10 months ago (Jul 23) ·
I have never used a service such as yours but your colleague was very courteous and punctual. The service was prompt and he explained what was required of me after spraying (i.e staying indoors for half an hour etc). Even though I may not need this kind of service in the future, the company is efficient and prompt in their service delivery.
Business Owner's Reply · 10 months ago (Jul 25)
Thank you for your reply.
Much appreciated by the team.