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Smithereen Pest Management Services

Pest Control

Chicago, IL

4.8 · 821 reviews
4.8 · 821 reviews
Stuart Reiner
As a long-time client, I know that you provide 2 exterior treatments each year -- one in Spring, one in Fall. I never got one in Spring, because you never tried to schedule one; so your inside team did not do the basic task of scheduling.

I had to call for the exterior treatment, because of an on-going stink-bug problem (which I asked Riccardo to work on last time; he said there was no treatment). Riccardo came yesterday; he said he went around twice to spray. Well, today, the spraying seemed to attract 7 live stink bugs and 3 dead ones (I found these after dinner -- the most EVER) and a couple ants, which we have not seen for a couple years, thanks to Riccardo.

Add the fact that we have had a mouse problem for the last couple years (at least). All you're doing is feeding poison bait to them. I sealed up (again) all of the larger cracks above the foundation, and Riccardo checked them, but found nothing.

Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate Riccardo and his pleasant demeanor and hard work. I just think that your methods are ineffective.

So, right now, I am very unhappy with your "service" and considering other alternatives.
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