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Active Pest Control

Pest Control

Newnan, GA

4.6 · 933 reviews
4.6 · 933 reviews
Jordan Hollingsworh
Sharpsburg, GA
On 7/7/17, I witnessed the technician come and treat my home while I was on vacation. He asked me if I had noticed any pest issues. I stated I was having very bad problems with mosquitos and showed him where. I asked if he could fog extra good, he stated he would. I noticed he had left his vehicle running while he was at the house. He walked around spraying liquid around the exterior of the house. He came back to tell me he was done. I asked that I noticed he hadnt used the Stihl fogger and asked if he was planning to he stated he just sprayed the liquid extra good and didnt need to fog. When I received the service order it specifically stated he used the Stihl backpack mister when he didn't; had I not been home I would not have ever known. This would likely explain why ever since I have had the VIP service I haven't had any relief from the Mosquitos. I am very concerned that I am not getting what I am paying $60.00 each month for. I called to report this very incident to the customer service line and was told that there was nothing Active could do until 10 days. I feel like even when I explained what I had witnessed it was blown off and made me feel like I was making that up since it was in the service report. My father, grandfather, and I all witnessed the technician there the whole time since we were outside making Tile Cuts for the Bathroom we were renovating. I don't think it is too much to ask for to just receive the services you're paying for. I am very unhappy with Active and will likely find another vendor to build a relationship with that will take care of me.
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