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F&W Pest Control - Framingham

Pest Control

Framingham, MA

4.8 · 1627 reviews
4.8 · 1627 reviews
Myles H.
Topsfield , MA
Do your home work!
FW pest control came out when we had a suspicion that we may have a squirrel problem. we got another quote from a company based on a 600 square ft Bungalow on our property for 250 from a competitor that said it was likely not squirrels and was mice. but if it was squirrels they would not be able to do the job.
FW came out to give there opinion and quote and told us that he couldn't confirm that it wasn't squirrels and would need to treat it as wild life removal and quoted 750$.
Since we believed that we were possibly dealing with squirrels we decided to go with FW.
Fast forward to the morning they arrived. with in ten minutes of arrival the gentleman that came not the person who came and quoted us said he was sure we didn't have squirrels and it was mice and would treat the job that way insinuating that it would be less money all thought not saying for sure what it would be.
He sealed up a few possible openings in the basement laid some bait put some powder in the ceiling where we heard noise. confirmed again by the site of mouse droppings in the ceiling and the mouse tracks in the basement that it was definitely mice. he finished with a cap on the dryer vent. which I confirmed you can get at home depot for 7.99 cents go look it up. and then saw a small crack near the chimney where he agreed he didn't think any thing was getting in but put a wire cone that is meant to allow one way travel. also about 5 dollars or less in metal hardware cloth. took him about ten minutes to install but insisted because better safe then sorry.
comparing this service with what the other pest removal place told us they would do the only thing different was the one way cone and perhaps the 8 dollar dryer vent cover.
with in minutes of leaving we were charged the entire quote of 750 bucks.
that's just crazy. no price adjustment as they really didn't do any wild life related stuff at all other than one small wire cone. after telling me several times it def wasn't.
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