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Franklin Pest Solutions

Pest Control

Lafayette, IN

4.9 · 114 reviews
4.9 · 114 reviews
Keith White
Battle Ground, IN
This was a terrible experience. I was told the technician would show up between 8-10. I missed a call around 8:10 in the morning. My wife and I were making breakfast for the kids around 8. I seen I had a missed call around 9 and called the guy back. He did not answer my call until I called the 4th time which was around 11 am. The guy said he showed up and waited 15 mins. He said nobody answered the door so he just sprayed the outside of the house. He refused to come back to spray. I was very clear all he had to do was ring the door bell. He claims he did. He said he couldn't come back cause he had other things to do that day and was off work that I was his only appointment. I don't believe for a second that he showed up and rang the doorbell. Our doorbell is LOUD. The front door is right next to the kitchen and the dining room which is exactly where all of us were. My wife, 3 kids (ages 11-17) and myself. We were cooking breakfast and eating / talking from around 7:45-9:00 and that doorbell NEVER RANG. Furthermore the guy said he walked around and sprayed the outside of the house. I don't believe that either. Had he sprayed the back we would of seen him. The design of the house is an open floor plan and from the kitchen / dining room you can see through the family room into the back yard. The back of the house is all glass to overlook the river. Not a single blind on the back side. Had anyone been in the back we would have seen them and the dog would of went absolutely crazy.

Not a chance I would use these guys again.
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