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Newport News, VA

4.7 · 388 reviews
4.7 · 388 reviews
Williamsburg, VA
I had a dehumidifier with condensate pump installed. After the installation, I checked in the crawlspace to verify the humidity setting on the unit. I was told it was set to 50%. I found that the unit had been left in the "off" position. I turned it on and the humidity setting was 55%, not 50%. While looking at the unit, I realized it wasn't stable (front legs weren't touching anything), it wobbled, and it wasn't level. I called, a technician came back. After he left, the dehumidifier was now stable, but hadn't been leveled. I called again. A different technician came back out. This time, the dehumidifier was not only stable, but also leveled. The power for the units run through a gfci outlet. The gfci kept flipping off. I had an election come out. Replaced the gfci, but the problem remained. Unplugged bother the dehumidifier and the condensate pump. Plugged in only the condensate pump, gfci flipped. I called Paramount, technician will becoming out in another day to check the pump. Online research says condensate pumps need to be level to work properly. It wasn't leveled. To me, it doesn't seem that installation instructions were followed. Because Paramount was so responsive to my calls and customer service was so good, I gave a 3 star review. If customer service has been lacking, the review would have been lower.
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