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Falcon Lawn & Pest, Inc.


Orlando, FL

4.8 · 34 reviews
4.8 · 34 reviews
Blanca V.
Orlando, FL
I was very happy until this month when I called to ask for service for weeds and I was asked to send pictures, which I did, and then I was told that the regular service was due at the end of the month. In the meantime the weeds were really happy growing and extending all over the lawn. Then yesterday they told me today he will come, and he did then he left me a message saying he just had checked the lawn and looked fine! What? First, I was home he could have ring the bell, second, I went out and showed him, and then he realized how really was, so he did the treatment. If this was my regular visit why he was going to leave w/o applying anything, and then he sent me the bill for regular treatment?
I really hope that your commitment to us that if we have any issues we should feel free to call for service, stand up. I had to wait for 3 weeks and I had to call twice! Believe me I won't be calling just for fun but if the weeds are attacked before they take hold, won't it be better for both us? Your company and your customers?
Thank you for your cooperation<
Blanca Velasquez.
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