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Metro K9 Academy

Dog Trainer

Randolph, NJ

5.0 · 3 reviews
5.0 · 3 reviews
Andrea Diller
Bethlehem , PA
I found MertoK9 when we unfortunately got bedbugs. I live in Bethlehem PA an wanted to get a dog to find out exactly what room the bugs were in and how bad we had them. We hired Bobby right away an he brought one of his amazing dogs over. On his last visit I showed interest in his dogs an he told me about Jack one of his working dogs. My husband and I took Jack and he was AMAZING! I"ve never got so many comments and complements on how good my dog was. After a bit we decided we wanted a puppy cause Jack was perfect! We got Jacqueline (Jacks granddaughter) in April and she"s perfect just like her grandpa! She is incredibly social, smart, loving and eager to please. She knows all of her command and picked it all up faster than any puppy I"ve ever had! If anyone has a slight concern about price I just want to say it"s completely worth it for the kind of dog you are getting. I"ve been to Bobby"s and saw all the work he puts into these dogs. They come from amazing high end working background! He doesn"t over breed in anyway and you are getting a way more dependable dog and breeder by going threw him. Where I live people go to the Amish farms (thinking it"s better than pet stores) and most of the time they are puppy mill style breeders that are overpriced and unreliable. My friend got a Australian Shepherd from a Amish farm for 1500 and the dogs were in squalor and had a bunch of things wrong. Trust me when I tell you that getting a dog from this breeder is the right choice because you"ll end up with one of the best companions you"ve ever had. Thank you so much for all the help and for my amazing German Shepherd puppy!
Andrea and Walter Diller.
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