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Active Pest Control

Pest Control

McDonough, GA

4.7 · 1140 reviews
4.7 · 1140 reviews
James Oneil
After many resolution attempts spanning over one full year, it has become clear Active Pest Control is not holding up their end of contractual services with no intentions to do so. Those attempts include: Multiple weekly phone calls that were transferred up the Active Pest leadership chain, many of which were never returned resulting in several lost working hours on my part, as well as, unsuccessful yard and home pest re-treats.
The entire "treatment" time up to this point has been a frustrating process as the technicians will "treat" my yard in under 20 minutes with minimal to no pest control success (one acre property and two story home ~4,000 SF). However, if I call for a re-treat or if a manager comes to treat my yard after complaints, it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to properly treat - still does not prevent mosquitoes, though.
Based on their explanation, techs are given a total of 20 minutes at each property, thereby admitting they do not properly allow time at each property. In addition, the contract is based on 1 acre of treatment, which they will not fully treat because part of our property is on a water source. Active claims land near the water cannot be treated, however, they refuse to down-charge for the quarter to half acre of land they are actually treating.
I attempted to cancel in November 2019 and was provided with a "Remainder of Contract Invoice" for $450 (6 months left of contract @ $75 per month) - see attachment. I was told if I canceled in April 2020 then the balance would be $0 but I had to call in April and could not pre-cancel several months out.
Today (4/13/2020) when I called to cancel, I was told that it is now an $1,800 cancellation charge for an additional two years and they can't explain the prior invoice.
When I asked for a mutual release of the contract they only consider the contract to be a one way affair thereby not holding up their end of service however holding the customer (me) accountable for payment even if the servi.
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