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Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control

Pest Control

San Marcos, CA

4.7 · 27 reviews
4.7 · 27 reviews
Richard Courtney
Oceanside, CA
Before I contacted Truly Nolen I had a dead rat in my attic. My previous pest control used bait boxes outside and snap traps in the attic. When more rats were seen or heard they just kept refilling the bait. After two years I knew there had to be a better way. I had seen the yellow car with ears and a tail in my neighborhood and decided to check their ratings. Many positive things said about them and who would make their cars look like rats if they did not focus on their control.

I was fortunate to have their expert, Ace, come out within a few days of contacting Truly Nolen. He explained that bait boxes make rats feel sick and causes them to go somewhere comfortable, Bait attracts rats. Truly Nolen wants to remove any attraction and seal your house to prevent their entry. They effectively sealed up all openings in my house. To get rid of the odor of the dead rat and the droppings from several years of rats in the attic we had our old insulation removed, had the attic cleaned (including several dead rats underneath the batt insulation, and had new insulation blown in. We had some problems during the insulation, but Ace came out to check and made it clear to the subcontractors exactly what had to be done to make everything right.

It has been five months since we started with Truly Nolen. The neighborhood has rats but they are no longer getting into my house. Thank you, Truly Nolen.
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