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Lloyd Pest Control

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Santa Ana, CA

4.9 · 156 reviews
4.9 · 156 reviews
Marvella M.
Santa Ana, CA
Extremely unhappy with the service provided on 7/12/19. When the technician arrived he sat in his truck on the phone for a few minutes. My husband was leaving so I asked him to talk to the technician regarding the problem areas. I saw my husband talk with him and the technician got back in his truck and was on the phone for approximately 20 minutes. I saw him walk to the door, leave the Invoice/Service Report #6426719, return to his truck and leave.

I immediately called the office and after the representative contacted the technician, she informed me that he realized that he had forgot to load something he needed for our service. I questioned what he could have possibility forgotten since this was a routine service visit. She told me he would contact me and explain when he called.

He returned shortly thereafter (without a call) and told me that he had forgotten to leave the Invoice/Service Report at his last job and had to take it to the customer. Odd that he forgot to leave the Invoice/Service Report at the last job, and left ours before he had even done the work. It is also interesting that I got two different stories as to why he left without treating our property.

He was here for a brief time and when I realized he was gone I went out to check the service. First of all, he never went to the side patio and did VERY little in the back yard and nothing was done on the front porch. There were spider webs that he would have had to walk through if he actually spayed in certain areas. The ground was not wet and the door mat had not been moved. I can always smell the chemicals for a brief period following service and I could not smell any chemicals, which leaves me to wonder if he actually treated property.

I am extremely unhappy and investigating other pest control companies after years of service and numerous referrals.
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