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All Pest Pros

Pest Control

Santa Clarita, CA

4.9 · 9 reviews
4.9 · 9 reviews
Bill. P
Roseville, CA
I initially hired All Pest in Dec of 2013. I had been having a rat problem for some time and other exterminators could not seem to solve the problem. I could hear the rats scratching on the ceiling sheetrock. To me that meant they had tunneled under the insulation but the original pest people could find nothing. They could see evidence of activity but could not find any entry points, and there were areas of my attic they could not access. The crew from All Pest 1st removed all the insulation in the attic. They were able to access the entire attic with no problem. It was then very obvious where the entry points were. They patched all the openings and the problem was solved. They replaced the insulation with double the original R rating insulation. After about a year I heard some activity. Then came out and showed me where the patch had been removed. They redid the fix and I've not had a problem since. They caused some minor roof damage but rather than covering it up they told me about it and had a local, reputable licensed roofer come out and redo that area at no cost to me .. Their work is not cheap but in the long run I feel it was worth it. All their employees, especially tech Enrique and manager Adam, are very accommodating and friendly. I know of 2 friends that used them and they were also happy...
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