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Watts Pest Prevention

Pest Control

Phoenix, AZ

4.9 · 332 reviews
4.9 · 332 reviews
Bob Wilson
Scottsdale, AZ
I think this is the better place to put a review, because it will not be glowing. Watts service came on Wednesday, two days ago, and I mentioned that wasps had been starting to build a nest by he garage door on the exterior. It had been knocked down, and I mentioned that they should be aware and look for any other nests being built. They didn’t report any, but the next day, one was being started in the ceiling of our front entry. I felt it was important to remove the new starting nest and do whatever could be done to discourage more wasp nests. I called Watts, explained the situation, and indicated that the problem was urgent because of the location in our entryway. Watts indicated the earliest they could have someone come was 6 days later. I said that was unacceptable, given the potential hazard to anyone coming to our home. The response was that they would call another pest control company to see if they were able to respond sooner. In a few minutes I got a text with the name and phone # of another company.
I called that company, explained the situation, and they could send a worker out the next morning to take care of the problem. Of course, the person I was speaking with wanted me to sign up for a full- time service contract. I indicated that this was a one-time problem, and while I was already with Watts, this might be an inflection point, at which it might be time to make a switch.
The worker arrived the next morning, removed the nest the wasps were starting, put a chemical on the area to discourage more nest-building, put granules around the house, and asked if there was more that was needed. I indicated that the wasp nest was our only concern at that time, and thanked him for the prompt service.
Phyllis and I will discuss our needs and the responses we’ve gotten in the last couple of days. I congratulate you on having a business that is busy enough that you can’t respond to potential health hazards or liability issues for your customers…
2 stars for not being able to send someone for 6 days, but connecting us with a company that sent a worker the next morning.
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