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Hearts Pest Management

Certified Green Pest Control

Encino, CA

4.7 · 43 reviews
4.7 · 43 reviews
Joe Barresi
Valley Village, CA
after 1 service I called and asked to make sure the technician locks my back gate and he did so this time so thank you. I also asked that they clean up spider webs around the house--they also did this a bit better on the main house-- but there were still massive webs around my garage and laundry room doors. My Garage is a detached building that has 2 doors--one for the garage and one for the laundry room---I park in the garage and exit the door and cross my patio to enter my home in the rear--and when I walk thru my garage door I always walk into a massive spider web. you can see large webs under the eaves as well plain as day-- when i do laundry its the same thing--I would assume if there is a door on a building they would automatically get the spider brush out and make sure there aren't webs surrounding any doors because a door means someone would enter to exit thru it---its kinda ridiculous i have to call again to tell them this don't u think???
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