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4.8 · 444 reviews
4.8 · 444 reviews

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Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a minority owned company that employs the highest trained individuals in the industry. Our staff includes a team of wildlife biologists. The owners have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can handle any pest or wildlife control situation. We service both commercial and residential properties and specialize in large scale bat and bird work. The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is based out of Palm Beach County, FL and services the Metropolitan Tampa Bay Area and all of South Florida. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is fully licensed and insured and includes Workers Compensation Insurance, Fleet Insurance and Two million dollars in General Liability Insurance to protect our customers and their property.

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4.8 star average rating (444 reviews)

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Miami, FL
Great service. Andrew and Matt are excellent at what they do. No matter what time, I call they respond immediately and put me at ease.
Delray Beach, FL
Your person found and caught the critter.
Cape Coral, FL
We are very very unhappy with wildlife rangers...Joey said we had a serious rat problem, we had called because of a raccoon problem...talked us into a $1900 charge...I didn’t look into the attic with Joey, my mistake, but took him at his word. After a week of trapping,no rats, very few droppings when I inspected over the garage, NO DROPPINGS when I checked thru closet into attic. Joey and John haven’t even looked into main attic. Why hasn’t a trap been set for a raccoon? Then Joey talked us into a 12 month outside rat controll at $69/month....that hasn’t started and I called to cancel that service, I ASSUME SINCE IT HADN’T BEEN STARTED THAT WASN’T A PROBLEM. But no one will confirm that. Soffit was to be repaired, rat droppings cleaned off shelves around house, insect material put in attic...none of these things have been addressed and John doesn’t seem to know they are part of our $1900. I serviced the public for 35 years and wouldn’t have had a business if I had used people like this. I am considering canceling the credit card charge, I have documented all activity since Joey was here.
Bonita Springs, FL
Our first service call was very satisfactory.
Lake Worth, FL
James is very much on the job. Show sincere concern of our problem and, seem ready to try and solve them.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
No not happy. Your billing methodology is horrible. Someone at Nuisance should call me ASAP. Alexander Thomson — 561-628-7525.
Naples, FL
Very conscientious and provides high quality services. They do what they say.
Sunrise, FL
I'm very happy with the service The guys are more than nice they're polite they're very helpful they let me know when they're on their way and they're arrive when they say they're going to arrive I couldn't ask for better service and they put my mind at ease.
Miami, FL
Excellent diagnosis, and step by step intervention. They know what they do. Five stars for the service, explanation, politeness, and punctuality.
Wellington, FL
So far, so good.
Naples, FL
When I spoke with Adam, he told me that the iguana trap would be put on our property. Joey told me that the trap would be put on the flat part of our roof. Please speak with Joey about this.

And I want to emphasize that my family is coming to Naples on 12/27, so whatever can be done in the next 2 weeks will be greatly appreciated, as my wife will be very upset when she learns about the iguana.
Boca Raton, FL
We have been very satisfied with the service and prompt response to calls. The technicians have been very helpful especially with our iguana removals.
Miami, FL
Marco Island, FL
Good work so far. . . taking the time to walk us through the steps being taken is key.
Naples, FL
Boca Raton, FL
Not happy at all with NWR service. I paid them for over one year (>$5000) and what I got was MORE iguanas!
Within the first two months all raccoons were gone, but we started with 3 iguanas and now we have 8!
Is that worth $400/month to you?
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Quick response.
Naples, FL
Not happy with service once we moved locations. First home had great service second home poor communication never got calls when they were coming out until I complained. I would have to tell the ranger coming out make sure to do spider webs and inside house pest was included but not done until I finally questioned them. They would miss the guest house property multiple times and out of courtesy never would get return calls back even when I cancelled service no call back when they said they would call me back. Instead just got charged contract fee termination. Not happy at all with customer service because lack of communication. Office staff was great but that’s about it.
Jupiter, FL
Yes, very happy with the shock track however, there was an incident last week where a duck was sitting on it. Maybe there is a section that isn't working. Please call me (860-922-3937) or let me know the next time you will be checking it so I can be here.
Overall, very satisfied. Thank you.
Wellington, FL
I haven't heard any rats in the attic yet. So that is a good sign. On the report is says that the traps in the attic have been checked. I don't think this is true. Through the summer when we are not here, there is a car or golf cart in the way of the drop down stairs. I use these bait traps in NY and they have to be cleaned out periodically of Gross debris that accumulates in the box . I have never seen this done. The guy is usually not here long enough to do this. Please have him set up an appointment next month so I can walk the property and check the boxes with the Tech. Thank You, Vicky Canuso.
Boca Grande, FL
By nightfall a “Ranger” had responded to our call, carved up and carted off a dead 400+ pound Goliath Grouper found earlier that day washed ashore in front of the house. Amazing.
Boca Grande, FL
John is the best. I have been trying to get rid of a couple of large Iguana for the last six months with no luck. Second day John got one and working on the second. Good job.
Boynton Beach, FL
James is very good. Friendly, responsive informative . Good job.
Lake Worth, FL
Naples, FL
Sorry but we are not in town to see first hand what has been done. Also, there is a lot of work going on at the house which makes your work more difficult. However, we appreciate your updates on what you have done.

Bonita Springs, FL
No results yet, too soon to have a positive or negative opinion.
Naples, FL
thought the service was great prompt and professional.
Naples, FL
Yes very satisfied to date , but still need more time to truly evaluate.
Naples, FL
The people working for you are very professional. I just wish there were more dead rats to show for there time here and for the money that I put out..
Deerfield Beach, FL
5 rating.
Very knowledgeable
Always right on time.
Cooper City, FL
Fast, prompt service, very knowledgeable.
Naples, FL
I don’t believe that this is a solution for trapping animals at my location because they come and go to everyone’s homes constantly I actually would like to get out of my contract 312-953-6851.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Poor Service. Management completely unresponsive. Failed to contact customer after multiple requests.
Naples, FL
I am very satisfied and bat free!
West Palm Beach, FL
Very satisfied. The service people report daily on trapping results.
Vero Beach, FL
I know I live in vero beach. a long way from where you are at. the service when they come seems fine the people very pleasant. I have called when I know that there were snakes in a trap to see if they could remove it and rebait the trap. by the time someone showed up the part of the snake I could see had almost completely decomposed. they seem to be chasing the moles around my yard. can't seem to get rid of them.
West Park, FL
I am very pleased with the service I have received. My Ranger, Matthew is awesome and very friendly. He adjusted his schedule to accommodate mine with no problem. Second day the 1st Iguana was captured, Monday of second week 2nd Iguana captured.I have the remaining of the week and next week to look forward to but I am confident that I will receive the best service possible. Matthew is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what he do. I started enjoying my yard again after the fist capture. I recommend Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to anyone having problems with wildlife (iguana) etc.
Delray Beach, FL
Thank you Wildlife Rangers!! You guys are great!
Extremely thorough and professional and very nice to work with.
Appreciate what you did to rid the critter that wanted to set up housekeeping in the roof.
The coyote urine was a nice touch. Even though the raccoon did not return after its initial visit, it is reassuring to know you took extra steps to make sure it would be humanely captured if it did.
Thank you again. I will highly recommend your company to my neighbors and friends.
Linda Z.
Tequesta, FL
Happy with Nuisance Wildlife Rangers service! Quick and hard working!
Miramar, FL
I am happy with the service. I had a mother raccoon and her four juveniles in my attic. Getting a professional was my only option. Customer service was great, the raccoon family was caught, unharmed and the entry points were secured. Thank you so much, Matthew M. and the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers crew!

L. Williams.