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4.8 · 417 reviews
4.8 · 417 reviews

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Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a minority owned company that employs the highest trained individuals in the industry. Our staff includes a team of wildlife biologists. The owners have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can handle any pest or wildlife control situation. We service both commercial and residential properties and specialize in large scale bat and bird work. The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is based out of Palm Beach County, FL and services the Metropolitan Tampa Bay Area and all of South Florida. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is fully licensed and insured and includes Workers Compensation Insurance, Fleet Insurance and Two million dollars in General Liability Insurance to protect our customers and their property.

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4.8 star average rating (417 reviews)

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Naples, FL
Yes very satisfied to date , but still need more time to truly evaluate.
Naples, FL
The people working for you are very professional. I just wish there were more dead rats to show for there time here and for the money that I put out..
Deerfield Beach, FL
5 rating.
Very knowledgeable
Always right on time.
Cooper City, FL
Fast, prompt service, very knowledgeable.
Naples, FL
I don’t believe that this is a solution for trapping animals at my location because they come and go to everyone’s homes constantly I actually would like to get out of my contract 312-953-6851.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Poor Service. Management completely unresponsive. Failed to contact customer after multiple requests.
Naples, FL
I am very satisfied and bat free!
West Palm Beach, FL
Very satisfied. The service people report daily on trapping results.
Vero Beach, FL
I know I live in vero beach. a long way from where you are at. the service when they come seems fine the people very pleasant. I have called when I know that there were snakes in a trap to see if they could remove it and rebait the trap. by the time someone showed up the part of the snake I could see had almost completely decomposed. they seem to be chasing the moles around my yard. can't seem to get rid of them.
West Park, FL
I am very pleased with the service I have received. My Ranger, Matthew is awesome and very friendly. He adjusted his schedule to accommodate mine with no problem. Second day the 1st Iguana was captured, Monday of second week 2nd Iguana captured.I have the remaining of the week and next week to look forward to but I am confident that I will receive the best service possible. Matthew is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what he do. I started enjoying my yard again after the fist capture. I recommend Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to anyone having problems with wildlife (iguana) etc.
Delray Beach, FL
Thank you Wildlife Rangers!! You guys are great!
Extremely thorough and professional and very nice to work with.
Appreciate what you did to rid the critter that wanted to set up housekeeping in the roof.
The coyote urine was a nice touch. Even though the raccoon did not return after its initial visit, it is reassuring to know you took extra steps to make sure it would be humanely captured if it did.
Thank you again. I will highly recommend your company to my neighbors and friends.
Linda Z.
Tequesta, FL
Happy with Nuisance Wildlife Rangers service! Quick and hard working!
Miramar, FL
I am happy with the service. I had a mother raccoon and her four juveniles in my attic. Getting a professional was my only option. Customer service was great, the raccoon family was caught, unharmed and the entry points were secured. Thank you so much, Matthew M. and the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers crew!

L. Williams.
Fort Myers, FL
So far, so good. Easy to communicate with. Hopefully, service will continue on schedule and our palm rat problem eliminated. Ken and Betty Bullivant ((Fort Myers, FL.)
Port Charlotte, FL
I’m very happy with the quality of communication and professional quality of service.
Punta Gorda, FL
I am happy with service. John is very good and a gentleman.
In April we were charged $1600 to trap and remove a racoon and to secure loose vents and reinforce all other vents. Screens were put over roof stacks and foundation vents. Some soffit vents were secured with some screws. No animal was trapped. In Aug another animal pulled out 2 of the vents that were screwed in. I called and they want another $1200 to secure the vents properly. $1600 to put some screens over the roof stacks seems excessive. Seems like a rip off. Consumer beware.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
One happy customer. Got rid of those troublesome racoons.
Thank you so much. Hopefully I don’t need your service again but if I do, I’ll be calling you again.
M. Serrani.
Estero, FL
Hi there,

Below are the service reports that I have received since agreeing to work with your company on the issues I have on my property. I do not have the initial report handy that shows that the traps were set up but the 8/17 service report shows the traps being empty, so it is fair to say that upon signing the contracts, there have been 4 visits to the property. I was under the impression that the first month was a twice a week visit. If I am incorrect, please advise. Additionally, the last service report states that the drain was to be blocked and has not from what I can tell from observing in person. That also leads me to believe my memory is serving correctly on the 8 visits. I have the contract at home and will locate this evening but am sending this email now to get clarity/resolution.

I also reached out to Joey last Wednesday the 28th to share some additional information regarding possible places to look for the toads and asked that a snake be removed from my lanai.
We also talked about the drain as mentioned above. He said he would have a technician out that day or the next based on availability. I understand that last week was an anomaly based on the uncertainty of Dorian so I am assuming things may have gotten pushed out due to storm preparation. A follow up with information that the visit would not happen would have been a nice way to handle especially with the concerns expressed. I had Home Team take care of the snake.

If I am incorrect in thinking that there were to be 8 visits initially, please disregard. Regardless, the drain is still wide open and with the fees being charged not impressed with the results so far.
It is not giving me confidence that the toad issue will be kept at a minimum with your services and it is far too expensive to keep paying you if this what I am to expect go forward.

I really do not enjoy having to send this type of email. I am frustrated with the lack of results and again, $500 initial with $99 per month maintenance is not cheap. My husband thought I was wasting our money when I agreed to this service and I am beginning to feel like he is correct.

Please advise as soon as possible on how you would like to proceed as I am open to cancelling the contract if my property is not one you would like to work on go forward.

Thank you,

Staci Fike.
Naples, FL
These guys are fabulous at keeping the cane toads away from our yard and surrounding area. We feel much more confident in walking our pets at night!
Lake Worth, FL
Mostly....just chased another iguana off my pool screen. Are you coming back? Rmatulis59food.
Oakland Park, FL
So Far so good...
Delray Beach, FL
Thanks for the prompt service getting rid of my unwelcomed visitor.
Naples, FL
I believe you have done all that you can. I'd like to end your service.
Jupiter, FL
Very pleased with Nick and the service you all provide. I appreciate you checking in on the traps regularly so if there is an animal in it, they don't stay in it very long.
Miami, FL
They performed as promised & gave me a daily report. Very happy with their service.
Naples, FL
Great service. Officers were professional and very attentive. They took care of our issues when other companies couldn't.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I unfortunately forgot the gentleman name but he was great. Thank you for your services.
Naples, FL
Excellent service. I'll use you again when more varments appear.
Doug Johnson.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Still waiting on Michael to replace soffit vents that were payed for in February. Slay, attic was never sprayed which was also payed for!
Bonita Springs, FL
So far so fantastic!
Pembroke Pines, FL
I'm very happy and like your employees, but, ten days has gone by and even though the effort has been done, the problem with the raccoons still exists I have not been able to sleep, I hear them every night and during the day the sound of the baby raccoons. Matthew explained the procedure very clear, and he is adorable, but just wanted to let you know (the company) my feelings.
Miami, FL
I was very pleased with the service. They were very professional.
Sunrise, FL
The specialist that came out, Daniel Beck, was very courteous, professional, and concerned about doing a good job. I have already recommended and referred him to our neighbor.
Miami, FL
The two gentlemen I have dealt with, Michael and Mathew, have been very professional, super patient with my many questions, and very calm in response to the panic in my voice (not a fan of snakes in my house-even small ones!). I super appreciate their service and would call them again in a heartbeat.
Tamarac, FL
Waiting for someone to call and schedule service ; payed full price 24 hrs ago.
Cape Coral, FL
I had my property inspected June 21, 2019 by Joey Dupree. We have been hearing a bump or two each day in our attic over the last few weeks. He suggested we may be having some rat activity. He gave us a quote of $799.00 to set traps in the attic and install exterior rodent control stations, traps to be checked 2-3 times a week until under control, use ¼” inch galvanized mesh to seal/reinforce all roof vents and plumbing stacks, seal and reinforce all ridge caps, AC chase and soffit gaps.

He also suggested a monthly service to control rats, roaches, ants and spiders around our property and pool cage. That service would cost $69.00 each month, and would consist of spraying the outside perimeter of the house and sweeping our pool cage once a month.

My wife and I chose to sign onto the $799.00 quote for services that day and our credit card was charged that amount on June 25, 2019. As of this date, July 23, 2019, the only service I have received has been John Hytnick, on June 24, 2019, came and set 3 traps in the attic and 3 bait stations around our house. He returned June 27, and July 2 to check the traps and bait stations. Note: We were out of town from July 7th through July 15th and did inform John he would not have access to the attic to check traps.

My wife and I also chose to sign onto the monthly pest control service for $69.00 a month on June 21st, and my credit card was charged the $69.00 on July 5, 2019. We have yet to receive that service for this month.

I would like an authorized representative from your company to contact me to discuss what I believe is a breach of contract on your company’s part and arrange to nullify the next 11 months of our agreement and for a refund of the $799.00 you have received from us for services and work not yet preformed.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

Michael Stanfill
Cape Coral, Florida.
Jupiter, FL
Very pleased with nick who looked after our visitors with great care . He kept us posted everyday on what he trapped and really cared about resolving our issues. Would us them again without question. Peter.
West Palm Beach, FL
Nuisance Wildlife were great!! They caught my raccoon. I had hired someone prior to them that was a scam artist. They cane everyday to Check traps and did a fabulous job! 👍👍👍👍.
Naples, FL
Joey and Adam were very professional and helpful in removing a possum from my kitchen cabinets.
The animal left a mess and the problem was captured and cleaned up after.