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Lake Worth, FL

4.5 · 1011 reviews
4.5 · 1011 reviews

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Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a minority owned company that employs the highest trained individuals in the industry. Our staff includes a team of wildlife biologists. The owners have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can handle any pest or wildlife control situation. We service both commercial and residential properties and specialize in large scale bat and bird work. The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is based out of Palm Beach County, FL and services the Metropolitan Tampa Bay Area and all of South Florida. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is fully licensed and insured and includes Workers Compensation Insurance, Fleet Insurance and Two million dollars in General Liability Insurance to protect our customers and their property.

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Nuisance Wildlife Rangers

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4.5 star average rating (1011 reviews)

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North Fort Myers, FL
I Was told you would fill in the holes and put repellent down when you were done. Did you?
other wise something will crawl back in again.
Lake Worth, FL
Great job taking care of my problem.
Naples, FL
One star is generous. No response, very poor service. Would not recommend.
North Fort Myers, FL
Yes i am very happy with the service and the staff is very friendly.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
No one ever called me back.
Naples, FL
Worst Ever!!! Rude and not responsive!
West Palm Beach, FL
no. called yesterday. still waiting for a call back 561-799-9911.
Jupiter, FL
Not prepared to service my problem . . . did not know how to remove bathroom exhaust fan, did not bring camera to properly inspect the problem, and suggested cutting a hole in my ceiling instead of having the proper tools. Nice guy but the company representative I initially spoke with did not prepare the service person with the situation he was coming to service. I would not use them again, even though the service person did try his best with the information he was provided by his company prior to the service call.
Punta Gorda, FL
Good Service.
Naples, FL
Our tech Anthony has come to our house seven times in the last three weeks for palm rats. He set traps but caught none. He said he would be back on the next Wednesday to put more traps in the attic and around the house outside.That did not happen. He sent another tech who checked the attic for the rats and didn’t find any. We thought he was going to do the inspection and the other things that were supposed to be done but he had nothing with him. Now another tech is supposed to come tomorrow. I hope this tech knows what is supposed to be done. As of today 4/28/22 we are not satisfied with this service.
Naples, FL
Very nice company. The trapper was very knowledgeable
and friendly. I am a property manager in Naples and I am so glad I found them.
Lake Worth, FL
We are very happy.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
They are not living up to their promises.....they are not coming on days that they are disappointed.
Cape Coral, FL
Emily was a huge help.
West Palm Beach, FL
Good service person. Removed a bird nest that was imbedded into an outdoor ceiling of a condo building.
Service person was knowledgeable, courteous, and, personable.
Naples, FL
Excellent service! Always in schedule. And the staff is always friendly and polite!!
Would highly recommend.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Very happy with their service. Showed up on time as scheduled, workers where very polite and professional. Would use them in the future for any upcoming needs in the future. T. Johnson.
Englewood, FL
yes i was happy they went up in the attic to look for the critters each time but I was displeased with the way they put the soffit back in place. They used a few screws and the channels are still broken and the soffit panels are really bent badly. The screws will have little impact because the channels are broken. Meaning an animal can come back and do the same thing again because they put a band aid on a major injury.
Venice, FL
After speaking with the operator Jasmine she told me the owner Joey would contact me, after few hours I called back and Jasmine told me that Anthony would call me. About hour later Anthony called me and told me he is driving and can’t talk to give him my email and he would send over a quote; we never received the contract. I had more questions; so I called Anthony back and he did not answer. Emily the technician called me herself and came out in about an hour later. She went in the attic and on the roof and found 1 dead adult rat and said Anthony would call me to set the rest of trapping and never did. I never heard back so I text Emily and she told me Anthony would call me; which he never did. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service! We went with another company.
Boca Raton, FL
The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers did everything they said they would do in a timely manner. They have rid my house of pesky bats. We had them in our new roof under the barrel tiles. Thank you to Jessi for the professional job.
Naples, FL
Anthony Bland is the best!
Grateful for his expertise.
Boynton Beach, FL
This company was prompt and efficient. If you have any wildlife issues I highly recommend them!
Naples, FL
While I was happy an armadillo was removed, I believe the service is misleading. Trapping was to be done for 2 weeks and I was told this would be 10 days (no weekends). Sadly, it became apparent this amounts to only 8 nights of trapping since one day each week is opening the traps and one day is closing the traps. We only received 7 nights of actual trapping because , due to starting on a Thursday, we had 3 wasted weekdays. Could have started on a Monday.
Boca Raton, FL
Excellent company!
Lake Worth, FL
Very responsive and animal loving trappers.
West Palm Beach, FL
They provided immediate service to take care of a raccoon at our doorstep. We were trapped inside and they trapped the raccoon outside. Furthermore, they delivered the raccoon to wildlife sanctuary for care and rehab.

I can’t give enough stars to say how helpful and courteous the team was.
Punta Gorda, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
I have been calling but no one returns my calls. So to answer your question, no I am not pleased with your service. No one has been here setting traps or putting up soffit for several days. Please, please respond and let us know what is going on with your company service.
Naples, FL
yes, what a great company.
Englewood, FL
Very little communications from NWR. Tech was suppose to be here yesterday, but never showed.
We had other things to do, and waived them while waiting.
Someone should be in charge of keeping customers notified if appointments need to be altered
or cancelled.
I have the opinion that 'the customer' may no longer be a priority after the contract has been
F. G. Drumheller
Englewood, FL.
Marco Island, FL
Marcus, the tech was very helpful and informative and the daily reports were also helpful.
I was a little disappointed that on the last day, I missed Marcus when he stopped and I never heard from anyone or saw a report for the last day so I still don’t know if anything was caught or whether I should continue the service or what my next step should be!!
Naples, FL
This company
compassionate for the well-being of any animal caught and released to a safe area to make a new home. Bonus they are also friendly and professional.
H Monforton.
Boca Grande, FL
So far, so good. Only 2 days with Emily.
Delray Beach, FL
Great company, very professional, helpful, educated, compassionate and thorough. I would highly recommend using them if you have any wildlife isuues.
Estero, FL
So far so awesome! Just started your service.
West Palm Beach, FL
Only day 2 but so far good. Only trapped one opossum but had 2 babies before Nick removed trap. Glad the babies weren’t born in the yard!! Used same business in 2018, 2020, and now 2022. Our street is like an Animal Kingdom. Hope next 8 days are successful!
Naples, FL
The guys are very good. But I think my woodpecker is back. Can they come back and take a look?
Tamarac, FL
Reliable and prompt; effective at both bugs and rats.
Lake Worth, FL
Unfortunately, by the time the tech got there the raccoon was gone. He was back by our pool again today, defecating on the deck in the same area and drinking from the pool. There is no question he is very sickly and most likely rabid. Hopefully he will die peacefully somewhere soon and not be suffering anymore.
Juno Beach, FL
He was great take care of him he is very compassionate good man. Very happy with the way he closed up.