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Beth Griffith Life Coach

Beth Griffith Life Coach

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Orange County, CA

5.0 · 11 reviews
5.0 · 11 reviews

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Orange County, CA


Life Coach

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Beth is a certified life coach with the credential of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most respected coaching schools in the United States. She also has an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with The International Coaches Federation, a professional association of personal and business coaches that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe.

Beth has her bachelor’s degree in sociology and has extensive experience in personal growth education. She completed the “Landmark Curriculum for Living Series,” which included the “Landmark Forum,” “Advanced Course,” “Forum in Action series,” “Communication Access to Power,” and the “Self-Expression and Leadership” program. She has held the positions of Coach and Head Coach of additional Landmark classes.

About This Business

As a trained professional Life Coach, I provide a supportive relationship that enhances my clients ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems, and achieve goals.

I am trained to listen, observe, and to customize an approach to meet your specific needs. I seek to elicit solutions and strategies from you believing you are naturally creative and resourceful. My job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already possess.

My clients experience a sense of partnership and support in achieving their personal goals that is often not available elsewhere in their lives. Regular coaching sessions provide clients with dedicated time to focus on what they truly want and what must happen to create it.

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Beth Griffith Life Coach

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5.0 star average rating (11 reviews)

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My journey with Beth Griffith has been exceptional. I started almost five years ago and not once did I think that I'd be where I am today. Since our first meeting, I have graduated with my Bachelors, my Masters, and soon to get my CPA License. With Beth as my life coach, I have been able to set clear goals and accomplish them in no time. She is the support that I need to make my blessed life even more spectacular. With Beth, I have learned to "enjoy the journey and not just the destination". Looking forward to more years to come.

Thank you Beth,
Sossy Hyatt.
Owning and operating a small business is no easy task. If you’re not careful the business can over take your entire life. Beth has helped me find that life/work balance and I very much appreciate her wisdom. I’m not done yet but so far we’ve made substantial progress. I highly recommend Beth as a life coach her wisdom is invaluable.
Mike, Business Owner in Orange County.
Beth is amazing, insightful and motivating. She helped me move mountains in the short six months and deal with aspects of my life that kept me in the repeating pattern for decades. She helped me face some harsh realities and provided encouragement, without flattery, and guidance, to empower me to deal with the imminent challenges. She is spiritual and powerful. Open your mind, trust and believe, and let Beth be your guiding star, if you’re ready for an awesome transformation, higher vibrations and stunning self-discovery! From the bottom of my heart… Thank you for being my North Star.
A.P., Southern California.
I first hired Beth as my Life Coach following a divorce some 10 years ago. She remained my coach until I was able to see a new way of looking at my life that brought me more peace and fulfillment. I still to this day use Beth’s accountability principles in my own counseling practice.

I find it a comfort to know that I have available to me an experienced, professional life coach who holds me accountable, challenges me when I need it, and champions my achievements. I highly recommend Beth and will continue to use her services now and in the future.

Cal Rawson BS, BHC
Shifting Solutions Phoenix, AZ.
Beth you are SO awesome! The journey from ‘hopeless to hopeful’ began 12 short weeks ago. Your upbeat direct style of leading is profoundly appreciated. You have helped me by bringing greater awareness to my thoughts and teaching me to realize I have a CHOICE in what I say and how I react. I am NOT a victim. Your coaching has helped me change the course of my life in a positive direction. My journey now has an abundance of clarity and I am free from chaos. Thank you for helping me put the past in the past and for teaching me how to live in the present. You are a true gift!....
My job of 13 years was coming to an end and I was having a terribly difficult time facing the inevitable. Beth helped me to identify the emotional blocks that were keeping me from seeking and finding the next opportunity. With her help, I was able to grieve what I felt I was losing and start to focus on my future. I am truly grateful for her and her gifts!....
To put into words what Beth has done for me and my life is almost impossible. As my life coach, she taught me how to view things outside the fog that suffocated me for years. Exercises like vision boarding, gave me the opportunity to really see what I wanted to accomplish in my life. I now use this technique as a map to keep focused on my goals and visualize what I want my future to look like. I have even shared it with my friends and made vision board parties where we all get together to talk about what we want in life and put it on the boards. It has brought us all closer together and gave us a great support group. Beth helped me in the creative process and also made sure I actually took the steps to accomplish what I envisioned. I continue to see my vision become a reality. Thank you Beth for being such a positive influence in my life and the best coach a girl could ask for.....
Dana Point, CA
Beth’s approach is completely unique and it works. She gets to the heart of the matter. Her personal experience and deep understanding produced insights that for me, were invaluable. The wisdom in Beth’s coaching was key in gaining new vision and moving me through the cloudy place I was before this program to the clearer, more conscious place I know now. For that I am ever grateful. What a rare gem!....
I have been in my profession for over thirty years. I finally reached a point in my career and life where I was lost. I enlisted the services of Beth Griffith as my Life Coach. Beth is a remarkable woman; totally positive and uplifting. After working with her, that positive attitude was imbedded into me. My outlook on life became clear. I am much happier with myself and have moved onto another wonderful chapter in my life. If any of you are “stuck” as I was….I totally recommend Beth to be your life coach. Thank you Beth for doing an incredible job.....
When I first met Beth she wasn't a Life Coach. In fact, I had never heard the term! We started talking and before I knew it, I had shared things with her that I had never shared with anyone. I never understood why I opened up to someone I just met, but Beth is not just someone. As it turns out, Beth was born to be a Life Coach! She loves what she does because she cares about people. The day I met Beth, was the day my life changed for the better. If you're ready for a change, see Beth! Susan R.....
I recommend Beth because... She has the highest regard for your best interest with integrity and honesty. Beth has excellent communication skills and gives you the ability to process areas of your life that aren't working to creating harmony and get through the tough decisions. Beth is awesome!....
I absolutely appreciate your warm approach yet straight forward style. It was obvious to me you were listening to my heart as you kept me in touch with my values. The very best part of our session was how you helped me to think “outside the box” and realize all the other options I have! Working with you is the best because of your personal integrity and commitment to doing your best for your clients and it was fun too!
Diane P
Eagle, CO