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Terminix Ontario

Terminix Ontario

Full Service Pest Control Company

Concord, ON

3.9 · 937 reviews
3.9 · 937 reviews

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Concord, ON


Full Service Pest Control Company
Additional Services: Bed Bug Heat Treatments · Bees, Wasps, And Hornets · Cockroach Control · Extreme Cold Treatment · Garbage Chute Cleaning · House Fly Removal · Household Pest Control

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Terminix Canada"s Ontario branch is one of the most-respected pest control companies providing service in Toronto and across the province. We specialize in both commercial and residential pest control in Ontario. This includes fast and effective pest removal and pest analysis tactics developed and refined over 20 years.

Locally operated, Terminix Canada"s government-licensed pest exterminators have safeguarded commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada with effective pest control since 1997.

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3.9 star average rating (937 reviews)

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Oakville, ON
Amazing and thanks for the service I'm very happy with you guys.
Markham, ON
Last service, there was no notice. Service showed up and luckily my wife was at home. However, I would have rather get notice of the visit and deal with the service representative myself.
Other than that incident, service is satisfactory.
Vaughan, ON
Yes, we are extremely happy with our service. The young man Eddie is always so professional and courteous! He always takes the time to explain all that he is doing. I have recommended him to my son Jason and he is very happy with the service he is providing. Bruna Monaco.
Brampton, ON
Very happy with our Terminix experience. Always ready and willing to answer our calls for help. A special shout out to Eddie who is an excellent ambassador for Terminix.
Thank you for your great service.
M & M Clement.
Hamilton, ON
I found the cost high for the short time spent and the amount of materials used and we still had mice and ants in the house.
Mississauga, ON
Excellent service done by Kamil.
Please sent him all the time to do the service.
His service doesn't compare at all with what were doing the other technicians(10 min service).
Oakville, ON
Technician did a great job.
Ottawa, ON
Initially I was happy with the service, but once I signed up things didn't keep up to the expected service level:

- Signup process was a breeze, great service, Mustapha answered all of my questions promptly.
- The first service was really great, Paul was very knowledgeable and he takes all the time to explain what he is doing and provide recommendations, answer all of our questions, I couldn't recommend him enough, what a great technician!)
- Then things started to fall apart. Services were supposed to be every quarter, but technicians would show up unexpectedly on any random date. The first time this happened I asked the technician to please let the company know that I need at least a one-day-in-advance call before they come to visit, so I can be at home for the routine review. They took note... but only note it seems.
- Next quarter I kept getting random visits without notice, On one of those visits I agreed to let them do it even though I was busy at that time. I asked AGAIN to be notified with a call at least one day in advance.
- During that visit I asked the technician a few things (I can't remember the exact question), mentioning that when I had the first visit, Paul said XYZ (unofortunately I can't remember exactly what was the topic we discussed). What I do remember is that the technician kinda mocked at what I said and his reply was "Paul doesn't know what he is saying"... great teamwork!!
- Next visit (again without being notified a day in advance), I told them I can't let them do it because I was busy. The technician was definitely not happy about it and said he will ask the office that they call me a day in advance as requested.
- Next visit for spring (again without a call the day before, just an appointment email this time that thankfully I didn't miss buried in hundreds of emails) they just replaced mouse bait in feeding stations, I guess that's expected for spring. I did ask for a spray, considering we had bugs last season and I wanted to prevent them this new season.
- The spray appointment took weeks, and the notification call I received was done 30 minutes before the visit, to which I had to agree otherwise I'd have to wait weeks again probably.
- Next visit for summer, technician shows up again without notice (how difficult is it to get a call a day before???), this time I just had to say no. Not that I don't want to do it (I get the benefit from the treatment, so why wouldn't I do it if I had the time), but honestly I really need to schedule things in advance since I may not be in the house during the visit / or busy with work.
- I had some issues with May/June beetles, I contacted Mustapha again to ask if there is anything we can do for that. I got all the information I needed and A+ service through email from him. Again, great service! We couldn't do much for those beetles unfortunately, but his service was great. He also took the opportunity to let me know that I an scheduled for service on X day, and this may help with those bugs. Great!
- I received the email appointment notice again, the date was already agreed with Mustapha so I wasn't expecting a call this time. Guess what... no one showed up. I decided to read the fine print from the email to see if I missed something, it says that if the customer cancels or reschedules an appointment when the technician arrives, customer has to pay a $20 fuel surcharge. I emailed Mustapha letting him know that no one showed up on the agreed date, and just as a funny comment I told Mustapaha that customers should also be eligible for a $20 'wait-surcharge' if technicians don't show up. He was kind enough to say that a $25 credit will be applied to my next bill and that he will follow up and schedule a new appointment for me. Again, we agreed on a new date.
- Surprise - no one showed up this second time again! Again as a joke, I asked him if we can keep adding up to the 'wait-surcharge' just to set a precedent. Of course I know this is not how it works, just wanted to make a point.
- Some random day a technician shows up again (no call of course!) saying that he wants to check the bait stations. I was already leaving the house so I couldn't let him do it and asked him to (again!) ask the office to call me a day in advance to schedule the visit. At this point I don't know if it even makes sense to ask for that anymore, nobody is doing anything about it.
- So finally the last appointment comes (again through email, no call but it doesn't surprise me anymore). I am sure they can check technician names so I won't even bother mentioning that here. I was on a trip so I asked my wife to let the technician do his job and make sure they check bait stations, discuss ant problems we've seen around the house (perks of living in the country!), crickets we've seen in the garage, etc, etc. When the technician arrives, one of the things he says to my wife is that he has come 2 times already on previous occasions and nobody was in the house... (sorry what???) and that it takes him an hour to get to our place (sounds like a complaint for something that - should've been scheduled for starters?... that is - if he really did come?) And if he really did visit the house without us knowing, shouldn't they leave a note saying 'we were here' or 'call us to reschedule' or anything like that?? or at the very least an email about the missed visit? Well, I didn't see any of that.
- Anyway, my wife asks him to check the bait stations, he checks the outdoor ones but he decides not to check the ones inside the house. My wife asks him again to check the ones in the house, to which he replies that since rodents are falling for the outside stations, they won't be coming into the house, so there is no need to check the ones inside (not even after my wife asks 2 times). He did spray around the property and placed some ant traps around the garden, but guess what... I receive the technician's report after the visit (it'd be nice to be able to add screenshots here), and the report says "Technician inspected and serviced all interior rodent bait stations, no pest activity reported at the time of service today" WTH!!!!!
- Report also says "CALL 20 MINS AHEAD" - where did my requests to call a day in advance go? No idea
- Also, if it takes him an hour to get to my place as he complained, why is he calling 20 minutes ahead?? It really doesn't make sense, does it? Of course, the only reason I knew about this appointment while I was out on a trip is that (again) I found an email buried in hundreds of other emails (don't you guys have a phone to call customers?)
- Fine print also says "after treatment is completed, pest activity will continue for approximately 2-3 weeks". I get that with rodents, as they have to eat from bait stations a few times before it has any effect on them. But what about bugs?? doesn't spray take care of them in less than that?? I guess not, today we found a huge cricket in the living room so I am not really sure the spray is working at all (as a side story, crickets were the only reason I contacted Terminix the first time, and I ended up with a yearly contract for crickets + multiple other pests which seemed like a great deal... guess what)
- Along with the false report I received, I got the invoice for this quarterly visit... no trace of that $25 discount that I was offered for those 2 or 3 times they didn't show up for an appointment they made. Of course, I was charged full price.

The only reason I leave 2 stars and not 1 is because of some great service I received from Mustapha and Paul when I had to work with them. If they weren't there, definitely a 1-star review.
Toronto, ON
The tech had to make 2 trip and I don't see any consistency from one tech to another that visits my home. I'm very concerned that with fall coming I will continue to get mice in my house as Terminix has not be able to stop this.
London, ON
The technicians are great. Very informative and helpful. But, the in office customer service is some of the worst I have ever seen and has ruined my opinion of the company.
Scugog, ON
Great service!
Sales rep sold inaccurate services by saying it includes all sorts of services which it does not. They don't fill in brick gaps with copper mesh. They don't provide extra ant bait or rodent traps if needed. They don't remove mud tunnels from bees as noted by sales rep. Tech refused to spray entire perimeter and provide additional rodent boxes as promised by sales rep. Sales rep noted it was completely 100% eco friendly for our livestock yet the tech confirmed it was a harmful chemical to livestock. Contacted company to cancel which the rep confirmed to send me email confirmation re cancellation but later sent me an invoice instead. Called back and same rep denied conversation. I asked for manager to call and was told Paul would call back later that day but never did. Called following day and was promised services were cancelled, no cancellation fee, I would not be charged and Paul would call that afternoon. Paul did not call and my credit card was billed. Called again and was given same story. Nothing but a run around wasting my time. Appears managers don't care to return customer calls, customer service reps say one thing and do another, sales reps are not honest, techs don't follow through and just want to rush and product doesn't even work. Now I'm trying to get my refund which they initially agreed to not charge me. Horrible company to deal with. That was my initial encounter with this company. Could only imagine ongoing. Stay away and don't believe what sales reps tell you.
London, ON
Always competent and friendly service by Ajax Abraham.
Oro-medonte, ON
I am very happy with the rice provided by technician Jessica Snow. I am not happy that I called 3 times and left voice mails because of Ant issues. I was told when the service was sold to me that all it takes is a call if there are any issues and someone will come follow up. Not a single call back. It was my when I had my scheduled visit from Jessica that I showed her pictures of the Ant problem that something was done. She is very friendly and dedicated to the service she provides.Jessica gets five stars.*****.
Markham, ON
Appreciated the thoroughness of the service.
Aurora, ON
Always friendly, knowledgeable and gets the job done.
Hamilton, ON
After first visit they left our side gate open, we have dogs.
A few days later we noticed a lot of rodent activity so I tried to contact for a return visit. Took over two weeks to get someone to return.
The poison was taken out of the bait box by a squirrel and left in neighbours yard. Their dog ate it and had to have stomach pumped. We had box removed.
We still have wasps building nests in our siding.
So we are not impressed!
We have had no luck in getting our contract cancelled or any money returned. So much for 100% guarantee!
Halton Hills, ON
Eddie Bauer came to our home on July 12. I found him very knowledgeable and pleasant.
Mississauga, ON
Technician was great.
Your office was horrible!
Burlington, ON
We just had Amanda here from terminex Burlington and she"s the best agent we"ve had. Not to say the others weren"t efficient. Just that Amanda went the extra mile for preventative animal control within our property
A sincere thank you Amanda.
Toronto, ON
Mississauga, ON
Service agent who came over was v. good. Keep up.
Markham, ON
thank you.
Toronto, ON
Very pleased they came out to spray for spiders.
Mississauga, ON
Yes, we are happy with the service provided. Our home is on a ravine and the service helps greatly to keep unwanted pests at bay.
Markham, ON
Excellent service, timely and knowledgeable to stop critters in and around the house!
Ottawa, ON
We have many areas around our trees where there used to be a pesticide dispenser to combat ants. These no longer appear to be in place and the ant population is burgeoning in these areas. Have your team address this immediately.
Oakville, ON
Excellent service, technician was very thorough and on time.
Hamilton, ON
We are not happy with your service. The visits associated with the program was adequate, but the extra visits requested by we the owners was very difficult to arrange.
We live in a large home with a large property, technicians were in and out in a very short period of time.
I asked for additional service because of excessive spiders and ants on property, and was given excuses.
The window of 8-1 for visits is not acceptable, technician was always late for visit.
Overall not happy with Terminix service in the past year.
Hamilton, ON
The biggest challenge is getting through to someone who will follow up with the correct details.
An email comes out with the service time the day before. It is difficult to always be home at such short notice.
The gentleman who services us is very efficient and helpful.
I would say the biggest fault is communication with the customer from the office.
Oakville, ON
When I originally signed up for your plan, I was very happy with the service. The inspector did a thorough job of patching up potential spots rodents could come in compared to the previous service that basically did little other than lay bate stations. I also like your approach with the stations both inside and out. However, in the past year, trying to reach your office has been brutal. Hold for very long times, multiple emails where no one ever got back to me and you changed up the guy who used to come around for others that don't seem to have the same attention to detail. I used to recommend terminix to others but the jury is out. I think you bought up another company and didn't have the band width to support your existing ones.
Burlington, ON
Happy with the service and when we have an issue, someone comes out quickly to resolve it.
Toronto, ON
Great service spraying for carpenter ants outside my home. I’m a repeat customer.
Mississauga, ON
We usually have a knowledgeable professional technician who is courteous and helpful. However, the person who last visited was not courteous and talked over me. If we are to continue, I would appreciate it if you can send someone else.
Burlington, ON
Service took maybe 10 mins! I pointed out one ant nest on pathway which a few drops was applied. Was told external of the house was sprayed for ants and spiders. This morning walked around the house and spider webs were everywhere and also numerous ant nests were on the pathways. I will be cancelling your service as I can do a better job myself!
Caledon, ON
The technician is afraid of dogs even though the dog was in a separate area. He did not refill the green containers. I had to get another black container for him to fill from the pool pump house and then put it back. He left a stack of the cardboard bug catchers for me to put around inside our house. That actually was OK with me.
Burlington, ON
Excellent service.
Oakville, ON
technician was pleasant and efficient.
Oakville, ON
Friendly and helpful service.
Toronto, ON
一I call company few months ago and cancel my service.i don't know why still keep on going.