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Terminix Ontario

Terminix Ontario

Full Service Pest Control Company

Concord, ON

4.0 · 812 reviews
4.0 · 812 reviews

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Concord, ON


Full Service Pest Control Company
Additional Services: Bed Bug Heat Treatments · Bees, Wasps, And Hornets · Cockroach Control · Extreme Cold Treatment · Garbage Chute Cleaning · House Fly Removal · Household Pest Control

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Terminix Canada"s Ontario branch is one of the most-respected pest control companies providing service in Toronto and across the province. We specialize in both commercial and residential pest control in Ontario. This includes fast and effective pest removal and pest analysis tactics developed and refined over 20 years.

Locally operated, Terminix Canada"s government-licensed pest exterminators have safeguarded commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada with effective pest control since 1997.

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4.0 star average rating (812 reviews)

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Toronto, ON
The service provided by Terminix is excellent. The tech's are very knowledgeable and do an excellent job.
Cambridge, ON
Your service was ineffective. I offered to use your service again and pay once you solved my ant problem.
I don’t understand why you rejected my offer.
Mississauga, ON
Good service, but it rained next day. Since my application was water based am I protected?
Mississauga, ON
The last gentleman was the best!! Please keep him get rid of the others...
Toronto, ON
Good reliable service and communication.
Toronto, ON
Not as happy with the most recent service provider. He rushed through the service and we found he was far less thorough compared to our previous person. He skipped areas and even called to see if he needed to come in! Most disappointing service so far. Would prefer our previous service provided Eddie in the future. Thanks.
Oakville, ON
Good service from both technicians who did this service.
Hamilton, ON
Technicians are very professional. Always follow up on their promises. Pest reduction program has been effective for us.
Toronto, ON
We found the work done by David was highly satisfactory.
He’s polite, friendly, patient, knowledgeable and professional.
We had a great service experience.
Thank you very much David.

Regina Yuen.
Caledon, ON
Very pleased with your services and the technician was very knowledgeable about your services . Thank you.
Mississauga, ON
I am not happy with your service!
Out of four visits, spraying was done two times, last year!
Two other visits were to “check for the food” which doesn’t make sense to me! ($160 to check on food!!!!)
Not even a year past, season of ants and rats is here and of course they are in my house again!
You did not cover even one full year as you claimed and charged for!
Disappointed, Jordana Tomljenovic.
Oakville, ON
Yes, I am very happy with the service provided by the person who came. He was professional and provided all the necessary info I have requested.
Thank you.
Kingston, ON
We are afraid we have found our contract very confusing. We signed up in 2020 but the last treatment was in Feb 2021 & no spraying was done at that time.. There was an e.mail from you feb 19/21 about a 90 day warranty which we assumed was why you booked a treatment in May 2021. We did NOT sign a new contract for 2021.
We have now received a bill for May 2021 & my husband inadvertantly cancelled the spray so no treatment was done except to check the mousetraps & ants of which we have none.
R & S George. 23 Lakeland Point Dr. Kingston Ontario.
Mississauga, ON
Good job.
Guelph, ON
Unfinish job ?
Toronto, ON
Terminix were very professional. They booked an appointment promptly. Their agent arrived when he said he would, and, hopefully, did the job. The proof of the pudding, though, is in the eating. So we'll see.
Mississauga, ON
If possible can the technician please go through the work completed before they leave the premises. We will make sure that someone is home when they next come.
St Thomas, ON
Very happy with the service the technician was very knowledgeable.
Kitchener, ON
Very good company and compassionate service providers. Highly recommended.
Toronto, ON
Always have received excellent service from the Terminix agents!!!
Brampton, ON
I was definitely not impressed with service today by R5-Mueen.
I called Terminex Tuesday nite requesting the appt time on Wednesday to be 1 pm or later. There are traps in my garage and if I'm not home he would be unable to service them.
As I was leaving my house Wednesday morning I noticed the Terminex vehicle on the road. I dawned my mask on and walked over to speak with the gentleman. I told him that I had called for a later time . He told me he couldn't return later. So I said as he's here I would open the garage and he can fill the boxes. He had a hard time understanding what I was asking him. I said once he's finished in garage I can lock the doors and go to my appt. I showed him the ant traps on the burm and mentioned that the ants are still building their nests in one of the landscape lights they destroyed last year. The lighting guys were out on Tuesday and showed me the damage the ants are still doing in the one particular light. I asked that another trap be set up as the lights are very expensive to replace and this is now the second year that this is happening.R5- Mueen said he doesn't have any traps with him nor the pesticide to fill existing traps. There are more ant traps in back yard so job would not get done.
Told him there were 2 ant traps last summer along driveway where grass meets asphalt-the ants love building their sand castles there. Not sure where traps went- the snow removal service may have accidentally removed them.
I directed him to go into back yard to finish service. As I closed front door and getting ready to go I noticed him sitting in the Terminex vehicle. So once again I approached him to ask him why he was not in backyard. I told him there were traps in the cabana by the pool that were empty and a trap by the hottub that I placed on the steps beside hottub so he wouldn't miss it.
When I returned by 1, I looked in back yard. The trap that was to go under the steps by hottub was outside my back door. Mice seek the warmth of the base of the hottub not my back door. The traps in the cabana had not been touched or refilled. Not sure if he looked under deck as large trap there. It felt heavy but not sure he looked there based on what I was seeing and saw.
2 years ago I had a Terminax serviceman here that was exceptional.He was very professional and knew where to look and what to do. I haven't had that kind of service since.
I received a call in the past because I reported a sloppy service. Today there was basically no service and I got the quarterly bill. I called and spoke to Lindsay to report the service I got. Thank goodness I was here to see how things were not done. Is that a requirement that one should be here when to show them what to do. I have to be here to let them in garage but do they not have a report where traps have been put.I also have a shed behind the cabana (not in pool area) that needs mice traps too as you can see their droppings in there. The pump and heater for the pool are in this metal shed.
Well I've said enough. If the service I get continues like this I will definitely be looking elsewhere.

Valerie Jarchow.
Oakville, ON
We were absolutely satisfied in every way with your service. Thank you.
Toronto, ON
Very thorough and provided some great suggestions. Great guy.
Clarence-rockland, ON
We are really happy with the technician who came to the house but not so happy about the company way of getting us committed with a 4 times/year contract in Ottawa...
Toronto, ON
Your Service Technician was the best I have had in a while. Professional and a clear communicator.
Oakville, ON
Good service.
Mississauga, ON
Great service. Very professional.
Brampton, ON
Yes, we are very satisfied with the service that we have received so far.
Mississauga, ON
The technician was in such a hurry, he started spraying before I could get back into the house. I had no chance to discuss my concerns and the work to be done. I don't know how thorough his work was as he finished and left in only about 10 minutes.
Oakville, ON
Very professional service.
Wardsville, ON
Friendly, helpful service. First visit yesterday, so can't yet comment on effectiveness.
Oakville, ON
Very happy with the service from Terminix. The technician was friendly and speedy with his job. Thank you for taking care of things for us.
Oakville, ON
Kawartha Lakes, ON
I’ve got to say I’m not happy with my service at all. I scheduled an appointment twice and no one showed twice. Now we were home all day today and didn’t hear anyone knock or ring the doorbell but I got an email invoice saying no treatment needed. How do I know what was done?? Or if anything was done??? Super disappointed with the service and sad that I’m locked in to one more round of this terrible service.
Oakville, ON
The gentleman who comes seems very efficient in carrying out the services you provide.
Mississauga, ON
Wonderful fellow.
Great service.
Mississauga, ON
Hello, We are very pleased with the job that was done by your technician Mueen on April 20, 2021.
He is very courteous, friendly, kind and knowledgeable in his work. Before he started with the job, he let us know what he would be doing and after finishing it he informed us of the condition of the boxes which were all empty, meaning lots of mice were using its contents. Before leaving he has filled the boxes with new supplies.
He even left behind some insect traps and monitor for the spiders inside the house, since he can not enter into the house due to Covid restrictions. We would recommend Mueen and are very happy. we would welcome him again. Thank you for sending us such a nice gentleman.
Toronto, ON
The technician who came to do the spray was fantastic. Very personable and took enough time to get through every little detail. Very professional service.
Kitchener, ON
Insufficient outside ant bait provided. Minimal service provided. Disappointed.
Markham, ON
Informative and professional .