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Yonkers, NY

4.8 · 440 reviews
4.8 · 440 reviews

Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Pound Ridge, NY
Posted 6 months ago (Nov 17) ·
I am submitting this review to you first before going to Yelp and google. In fairness, I want to give you a chance to respond to my concerns.

The technician did very little in his “inspection”. He walked around the inside perimeter of our garage and basement with a flashlight, making a show of finding the places where mice are (emphasis on “are” and not “were”) coming in. What I wanted - and what I was told would happen when I spoke with someone in the office tp schedule the appointment - was to have your technician find and seal the entry points wherever possible.

In both locations, the technician put down glue traps and poisoned pellet containers. Outside, in the foundation mulch, he put two (three?) disc shaped things which will supposedly indicate where the mice are coming in. Before he left, we scheduled an appointment for the following week for him to return to check the traps and locate any dead mice who had eaten the pellets. The next week he did find a dead mouse that had apparently eaten some of the pellets. No other mice were found. I have been setting traps and having far more success actually catching mice.

As I noted, we scheduled an appointment for the following week while the technician was there. Going forward, I would have to call to schedule weekly trap and poison checks. I have not done so and no one from Suburban Pest has bothered to call to check in. That means that I am paying over $70 per month for absolutely nothing. Now I see why you insist on the customer signing a contract before work can be done: with this kind of ‘service’ no one would ever have you come back.

Sarah Matthews
Pound Ridge, NY.