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St Augustine, FL

4.4 · 394 reviews
4.4 · 394 reviews

Rande Lefevre
Rande Lefevre
Posted A year ago (Aug 25, 2022) ·
I have two (2) concerns:

Perhaps there is some miscommunication regarding my request to be called when the technician is leaving his previous job and advise that he is in route. I requested this courtesy when initially contracting with you, and also on the subsequent service calls. My request continues to not be honored. My reason for requesting - you change technicians and the replacements are unaware of areas of concern I have about my yard fertilization.
....So I have to start all over again.

Secondly, I was offered by a field supervisor a special fertilizer treatment for an area of my yard that was not developing properly. I asked if it would improve the growth and he assured me it would. While the cost per bag was quite expensive ( $60.00 per ), I agreed based on the super's strong recommendation of it's success record...... Bottomline, IT DID NOTHING to improve the growth of grass whatsoever over a two month period.

When I called to express my displeasure. I was offered three (3) shrub treatments as a 'credit' for the $180.00 I had paid. While I would much rather have received a credit, I graciously agreed to the treatments. SINCE then, I have asked every technician if he was going to also spray my bushes (as per the credit agreement), and he indicates he has no order to do such treatment. But he will forward my request to the office.... Never happens. I am TIRED of asking for those 'credit' treatments and being totally ignored.

With that said, I would like a credit of that $180.00 applied to my account towards future Lawn applications. And, I would appreciate a call from a manager to confirm that this issue will be handled per my request. My cell is 904-403-0440 and home is 904-398-5566. I await their call... Respectfully, Rande LeFevre - Acct # 77001179.