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4.7 · 256 reviews
4.7 · 256 reviews

Barney/Tami Lewis
Barney/Tami Lewis
Central Point, OR
Posted 10 months ago (Dec 19) ·
I have been using the Bug Zapper's for a couple of years now, and have them on a recurring contract to spray and maintain both my business and my home. They do their job well, and with very minimal intrusion on my business, nor my house. They just come in and get the job done, with a professionalism that I appreciate. The technician I normally have (Michael) is great. I usually deal with Jenny in the office, and she is, um,, well,, let's not get into that. (Jenny, I am just kidding, you are the best.)
I strongly recommend Bug Zapper Pest Control, they get the job done (professionally.)
Barney Lewis, owner of Triple A RV Center, Medford, Oregon.