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4.6 · 233 reviews
4.6 · 233 reviews

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Full Service Pest Control Company


One day back in 2012, a million ants invaded my kitchen. Horrified, my wife began throwing away food. We still had ants. I hired another pest control company, but I don"t think the ants were even scared of those guys because the ants just kept on coming.

Out of desperation, I started experimenting to find a solution that would actually eliminate ants. Eventually, I discovered an effective, pet-friendly process that drove ants & other pests out of my house.

Almost overnight old friends and new friends wanted my help with their pests. I founded Bug Zapper Pest Control and gathered an amazing team. Now we"re using my discoveries to protect good people everywhere from dangerous and destructive pests.

Jacob "ants really are scared now" Lander

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Oregon CCB# 153907

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Hands down we offer the BEST Pest Control solution in Oregon! Our proven methods provide guaranteed pest-free living for every home and business. Try life without ants, spiders, fleas, roaches, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, pantry moths, flies, rats, mice, gophers or moles. Call or text 541-636-0146 for a detailed home consultation today!

We're locally owned, live in Oregon, offer same day service, and guarantee you will LOVE our results! Trust Bug Zapper Pest Control to protect your family, home and business from unwanted pests. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Bug Zapper Pest Control

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4.6 star average rating (233 reviews)

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Corvallis, OR
Great service! Reliable, courteous, affordable!
Roseburg, OR
Great service.
Medford, OR
I am quite happy with your service. Only need to remind the young man to close the gates, as my little dog got out and tried to run away. It was hard for me to catch the dog and carry it back into the house.
Eugene, OR
too expensive
come once/ pay the initial fee
then learn everything else is a $600 add on
negative review.
Eugene, OR
So far so good. They were prompt and thorough in the assessment and we have seen good results so far.
Central Point, OR
I have been using the Bug Zapper's for a couple of years now, and have them on a recurring contract to spray and maintain both my business and my home. They do their job well, and with very minimal intrusion on my business, nor my house. They just come in and get the job done, with a professionalism that I appreciate. The technician I normally have (Michael) is great. I usually deal with Jenny in the office, and she is, um,, well,, let's not get into that. (Jenny, I am just kidding, you are the best.)
I strongly recommend Bug Zapper Pest Control, they get the job done (professionally.)
Barney Lewis, owner of Triple A RV Center, Medford, Oregon.
Roseburg, OR
please call me at 541-362-8479 as app. time is no good Marge Barnaby.
Eugene, OR
The spiders are already back in the garage. I used raid to kill them. Don’t think your dot sad y I’d strong enough.
Eugene, OR
Punctual and friendly. The exterminator was so nice and explained everything to me. Fantastic service:)
Philomath, OR
Why would you expect an unscrupulous company that resorts to spam text advertising to do a good job on pest control? Clearly they have no ethics. These are the LAST people I would ever deal with.
Eugene, OR
Gary arrived within the service window. He was courteous, professional and reassuring about his products and the safety of my cats. He did a very thorough job. I am extremely pleased with the service.
Eugene, OR
I was pleased with my initial contact-very pleasant lady and ease of scheduling an appointment. I believe the service person who arrived was named Kevin. he also was very pleasant, sized up what needed to be done and did what he thought needed to be done. I asked him who I would talk to to get him a raise. He did not respond specifically but I told him I would give him a good review (here with)
He also said to keep an eye on the wasps and if they were still around in a week to contact you for a return visit and if necessary another treatment. I was surprised at the cost $180 since he was only here about 1/2 hour. I would assume if there is a need for another visit, it would be included in this amount.
overall, my experience was good and I would recommend you to anyone in need of services like these.
Dan McCoy.
Cottage Grove, OR
Justin is superb.
Scio, OR
These guys are crooks, they will try and charge a monthly fee if you use their services. And they just send people to your house. They are worse than the bugs.
Idanha, OR
Arrived timely, was personable, and followed CDC recommended protection. Our weather was fairly rainy at the time of the ant spray so required a return visit within a 2 week period. I appreciated this response to my request for returning 2 weeks early as the carpenter ants in our area swarm during warm weather and the first application was most likely washed away by the rain.
West Linn, OR
Jim is our service tech, he has a big challenge helping us to rid our 4acre land of the many mole families trying to live here. It is a work in process thank you for the start over Jim

Dan & Denise.
Roseburg, OR
We have used Bug Zapper for eight months now and are very happy with service. They do a very thorough job and explain why they are doing what they do and offer suggestions for insect issues we've previously had in the past. They are extremely courteous and easy to work with and do meticulous work.
Shannon Beevers.
Salem, OR
Everything was taken care of as requested. The service provider was friendly and made sure my garden, herb garden and edible plants were protected. I am very happy with the service.
Roseburg, OR
This is funny. I quit your service because your office staff is terrible. That dont pay attention
This is a good example
Your workers in the field are excellent. But you will be losing customers because of your office staff.
Roseburg, OR
Always get someone out quickly if I need them. Good service.
Bandon, OR
I was very pleased with the Bug Zapper service. The serviceperson had the appropriate equipment to brush down the exterior of my house and then sprayed the entire foundation. The spiders and sow bugs that populate the foundation dropped dead right before my eyes. I haven't seen a live bug in several days. He will return within 60 days for a second application. It is so nice that those tiny spider webs are now gone and the house looks very clean. I highly recommend this business.
Bandon, OR
Quick and efficient service. Knowledgable technician.
Salem, OR
Its to early to really tell how your service will be like. It was our first time and your personnel did a very excellent job. We will have to wait and see if the bugs bothering us are gone., Respectfully Submitted, Michael F. Valdez, Colonel, Inf Retired.
Cottage Grove, OR
Thank you. Very professional. Please give me a call. Question.
Portland, OR
So far so good.
Myrtle Creek, OR
Loved the service you provided. Great job well done and very knowledgeable. Very reasonably priced. Can’t go wrong with this service.
Blue River, OR
Your service was great and you got all our pests. Thank you.
Springfield, OR
Wonderfully successful! Informative and professional.
Salem, OR
Need you to come back still way too many ants. I thought you said every window would be sprayed and not just ant traps.
Sutherlin, OR
I only wanted my attic checked for possible rodents and to get rid of wasps and wasp nests. They did much of the simple stuff like spraying borders and corners inside. But I’m not concerned with any of that, only rodents or wasps getting in and making nests. I want to keep lizards outside that eat bugs, and if a fly gets inside I have an excellent fly zapper. So I think I can handle the service myself.
Pleasant Hill, OR
Great service! Great value! Thank you Bug Zapper!
Tualatin, OR
We had a beehive in our siding and the response by Bug Zapper was fantastic! I emailed around 4:30 and had a call within 15 minutes. They were out the next morning determined the type of bee and that it was okay to exterminate it. We treated the hive and all of the eaves at our home so that we can prevent future hives and nests.
Corvallis, OR
Great job ants are gone.
Roseburg, OR
The office staff was very friendly and helpful. The technician was on time and very thorough. Happy with our service!
Beaverton, OR
Hi! To be honest, we were not prepared for a 'COMPLETE' spray job to get done I guess cuz there are 3 of us living here being 2 caregivers & a 95yr old man who doesn't leave the house so we still have a massive amount of ants as if the spray guy wasn't even here at all. The ants haven't slowed down at all! But we weren't able to have the spray guy spray everything unfortunately so I'm sure it's our fault but there has been a ZERO CHANCE OF THE ANT PROBLEM :(.
Portland, OR
We have had such wonderful service from Bug Zapper. We are very pleased with the service reps that come to our house to help us get rid of a "rat" problem. They have been such nice and informative young men. Thank you for helping us with our "invasion".
Grants Pass, OR
Excellent service, great company would highly recommend.
Grants Pass, OR
Jacob has been a terrific guy to work with. If I had a business, I'd hire him.
He stopped by today to do the "all around the house" service and to check on the ant problem he worked on the last time. I explained the program I wanted. I wish to delay the all house program until we have another problem. I'll leave the money I've already paid you on account with you. If additional money is required in the future, I'll add money to our account with you.

And the ants are gone!
Thank you, Kent Brown
I was a little hesitant about contacting a pest control company because of the safety issue when dealing with chemicals but I am very glad I did. Not only did they resolve out bug problem but they also were able to help with the yellow jacket I've been battling for years. I was very impressed how they cleaned under the roof of the deck and also the front porch with all of the cobwebs and spiders that hung out there. They were very respectful, personable, and efficient. I was given their name by my neighbor who has done business with them for years and I certainly would recommend to others.