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Sykesville, MD

4.6 · 556 reviews
4.6 · 556 reviews

Mem P.
Mem P.
Columbia, MD
Posted 3 months ago (Jul 3) ·
I am not happy at all. We called on 6/30/21 and I let Home Paramount know that the Pest Control vehicle was parked in the front and never came in to treat our facility. I called customer service and they stated they were calling the tech to come back, and he never arrived (we are still waiting for service).

we will not be paying the 6/30/21 invoice we still received, and I will be calling again. If it continues, we we get a vendor that provides the service. Our doors are open at 5am (to get ready to open for customers at 7am), and our number 443-583-7854 - should be available to the technician.