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Richmond, VA

4.7 · 225 reviews
4.7 · 225 reviews

Eric Turner
Eric Turner
Knightdale, NC
Posted 4 months ago (Jan 21) ·
We had multiple quotes for getting our home re-piped, everything being original from the build date of 1994. Bell Cow obviously won us over with their supreme confidence, polite manner, affordability, and overall quality customer experience. They respected our home and belongings, as well as our personal well being by maintaining 6 feet and masks at all times when interacting with us.

Jeremy and Elicio (SP) were a great team, worked extended hours to fix a few issues they brought to my attention outside of their planned work load. I want to STRESS the fact they did not press the issues they found. They brought it to my attention to address while they were there, in the future, or not at all. No sale was pushed on me at all. We had a minor gas leak, which turned out to be lack of proper torque spec and sealant on the gas line. They also noticed a clogged valve on the main water line. They replaced it for us and GREATLY improved our water pressure in the home. For perspective, we could ONLY Shower, run the dish washer, OR the clothes washer. Now with the fixed valve, we can do all three at the same time with no pressure issues.

In summary, these guys are highly recommended for their plumbing expertise and services. Incredibly friendly from the technicians to the office administration team. A job truly well done and a very happy customer, we will definitely be returning for future services.