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Catseye Pest Control

Wildlife & Pest Control

Hartford, CT

4.5 · 397 reviews
4.5 · 397 reviews
Mark Panda
Naugatuck, CT
I am reviewing my review...I still think Clint was awesome but the service described to me was trapping and sealing entrance points. Well one week later and squirrels are back and now I'm told it will be $3500 dollars to get them out, just to seal the upper part of my house. So I'm assuming to seal my entire house would be upwards of $20000. I even photographed where they are entering. I was told that point would be sealed. I guess not unless I pay $3500 for someone to climb on my roof and seal it. I guess I'll have to do it myself. I chose this company because I thought it was dependable instead of some local business but it's just $$$. I wish I received the service described to me at the inspection... trapping, sealing entrance points, etc...the tech was even called during inspection to see if he had equipment to seal the chimney and I was told it would be taken care of. Well it's not. And after almost $1000 I still have a problem. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Wouldn't recommend due to extravagant price and not receiving service described to me at initial inspection.
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