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Future Services, Inc.

Pest Control

Snellville, GA

4.3 · 1319 reviews
4.3 · 1319 reviews
Morgan G.
Fayetteville, GA
At the moment, I'm not so sure about Future Services (FS) generally. I'm not sure which location provides my service, but I'm beginning to get a little frustrated. Recently, after a visit to service the bait stations at my home, the serviceman noticed termite activity. After exploring further, he noticed damage in my basement and reported back to his home office. Understandably, due to COVID-19, the repairs weren't made right away. I stayed in touch with the office, just to make sure I was still in queue to get repairs completed. When it was time for repairs, the contractor showed up at my home and identified the areas that were to be repaired, in addition to the areas that had been identified by the serviceman. When the contractor had completed his work, I shared with him that an area around an exterior door upstairs appeared to have signs of damage as well. He and I went to inspect the area, and he indicated it appeared to be termite damage, but he'd have to contact FS and have them inspect. Given it had been some time since the repairs were made and I had not been contacted by FS, I reached out to them. I was told by them that the contractor told them it was water damage vs termite damage, so I was asked to send pics. I sent the pics, showing mud tunnels and obvious termite activity. A few weeks later (today), FS sends someone out, who claims there's evidence of moisture damage around this exterior door - there is NOT!!! There is clear evidence of termite damage. I was told that he would have to report to see if they would repair it, because anytime there's moisture, the moisture has softened the wood and termites are attracted to the softened wood. Well obviously the termites are attracted to the hardwood as well given the damage in my basement. I have damage and it needs to be repaired. I need FS to be as eager to stand behind their warranty, as I am to pay for their service. I shouldn't have to hire an independent contractor to inspect.
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