Future Services, Inc.

Future Services, Inc.

Future Services, Inc.

Pest Control

Snellville, GA

4.3 · 1313 reviews
4.3 · 1313 reviews

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About Future Services, Inc.


Snellville, GA


Pest Control
Additional Services: Ant Control · Bee & Wasp Control · Carpenter Ant Control · Flea & Tick Control · Lawn Care · Mosquito Control · Rat Control · Roach Control · Rodent Control · Tap Insulation · Termite Control · Termite Inspection


Termite baiting systems, Liquid barriers, Family & Pet Friendly Products

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Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm; Sat: Closed; Sun: Closed

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Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check

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NPMA, L&I GPCA, CPCO of Georgia, Best pick home reports 2011 - 2016, QualityPro Certified

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Future Services, Inc. is a family owned pest control company based in Snellville, Georgia. Our Mission: To protect people, property, and quality of life while enriching the lives of our team members, but foremost....serving others!

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4.3 star average rating (1313 reviews)

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They never showed up for our appointment, and when I called they never called back.
Buford, GA
Business Owner's Reply · 2 months ago (Dec 28)
We are grateful that you took the time to rate our service. We rely heavily on customers like you to share your experience. If you need anything at all, please let us know! Take care! – Future Services Team 770-979-8180
Auburn, GA
Called my technician out last month for something that really turned out to be nothing.I could have handled it myself but Mr.Christensen reassured my worries and continued to take measures to avoid any other problems despite realizing early on that it was probably unnecessary lol.I love this company!
Business Owner's Reply · 2 months ago (Dec 28)
We are grateful that you took the time to rate our service. We rely heavily on customers like you to share your experience. If you need anything at all, please let us know! Take care! – Future Services Team 770-979-8180
Loganville, GA
It’s been almost three year being with future services.
For my first year no one visited my house for any service.
Second year I did not get agreement bond from the company.
No one called me any time to discuss the services.
Some of items installed outside are broken and needs attention
Saeed Ahmed
2501 Livingston court
Loganvill GA 30052.
Dacula, GA
Conyers, GA
I ma very pleased at this current time, even thought it is moving to the fall, my lawn is looking healthy and you guys killed some weeds that the previous companies failed to do so.
Cumming, GA
Considering what we paid to have our yard treated for fire ants, we are extremely disappointed. We watched the technician treat the mulch beds and spot treat the yard. We reached out to customer service and a supervisor.
We were told that another technician would come out to treat the entire property Thursday and then it was changed to Friday. Sad to say, this never happened. No service, no phone call, no technician, not a happy customer.
Ellenwood, GA
Yes, I think we have the bugs running now :) !! Thanks Justin.
Auburn, GA
My service technician is great!!!
Loganville, GA
Professional service.
Fayetteville , GA
I just wanted to take this time to inform you that Brian L. With future pest control has done an outstanding job. He is very knowledgeable and caring about his customers needs and experience as it pertains to his job. Thank you for your professionalism.

Mr. Joseph.
Conyers, GA
I am a new customer. I have not gone through a growing fertilization season yet.

Gainesville, GA
Everything went well. Your customer service agent explained everything. Please email me a detailed inspection result so I can forward it to my mortgage company.
Thank you, Ron Gszboda.
Ellenwood, GA
Very professional.
Cumming, GA
Very happy with the service, my lawn has never looked better!
Grovetown, GA
Pod broken and had to call to get replacement after the service was done.
Loganville, GA
I’m sure I will be. It has been raining so hope the chemicals didn’t wash away!
Ellenwood, GA
I Was Disappointed In The Last Of Communication. My Appointment Was Originally For Wednesday But I Didn’t Get A Call Or Notice When No One Arrived. I Called Multiple Numbers To See What Had Happened & If The Appointment Would Be Rescheduled.
Buford, GA
Broderick is the best! He single handily won me over with his exceptional customer service. My experience with customer service dept was not great, and their communication was not up to par. I was told a tech was coming out and received confirmation calls for two different dates. No one showed! I was not going to do business with future but Broderick got a tech to come out, he was awesome!
Buford, GA
Great service.
Cumming, GA
I do not know what my service is because I have not spoken to anyone.
Buford, GA
I don't recall any service from you except providing the termite letter for our closing.

You should read these ratings, this is the second time you have asked me this.

Gordon Grass.
Forest Park, GA
Great customer service. Always willing to assist with any questions.
Hoschton, GA
We are happy with the pest control. The one thing I am not happy with is the mosquitoes control. After The first treatments we still have them. I called them and asked them to come back and did not hear back from them until they came out to Treat it the next month.
Lilburn, GA
As a customer of Future Services, Inc.. I am not happy with your service. Future service charges monthly, provide service quarterly that's too long time period. they didn't do the first service in my backyard as it was locked, but they claimed they have done. Meanwhile if you lot of bugs whether inside the home or outside they don't care. Pesticide they do only outside on the name of covid-19 so you never get rid of bugs If some how bugs are able to enter your house. About weed control they chge you monthly but service is quarterly which is also long period gap. Meanwhile there was lot of weed in my both front and back yard and I got a notice from HOA and paid the penalty, even though they don't care.
At my home they did second service for pesticides on a rainy day and all pesticides (if they have done any) washed away. Still today I have lot of weeds and bugs. Right now I hope they will improve the service quality and also will also consider the right weather like not rainy and not too hot temperature at the time of service to make it more effective. Also I have to do something to get rid of weeds by myself to avoid second time HOA penalty which is normally double than first time penalty as Future service is not to take care of either bugs or weeds.
Stone Mountain, GA
No I have mushrooms in my yard back and front .
Watkinsville, GA
I did have issues that did get worked out.
Loganville, GA
Im a new customer with only 2 treatments for crabgrass. So far, crabgrass is still winning ☹️.
Buford, GA
Today is Sun. 9/16/20. While I'm pleased that we saw some dead bugs - I am NOT satisfied for we walked into the house on Tuesday and seen live roaches in the kitchen and hall bathroom. We cleaned the floor under the refrgideor and found what appeared to be a nest of live roaches which we killed. Wednesday I woke up to find 4 or 5 bugs in my bed with me on my cleaned sheets ect. By accident we stubbled upon a nest of bugs - my husband took our bed headboard down to polish and found black specks which begain to move. He took it down to the burn site. Looking further he took the mattress out of the waterbed frame and found a black nest in each corner (how did the techs miss this site at the time they put on the mattress cover?) He then took the whole waterbed frame down and outside to be burned. He wanted to take out the carpet too but my 84 year old spouse was too worn out. So he cleaned the carpet and bug sprayed. Do the bugs live in the carpet? If so we will have to see about ripping out the carpet. Today Sunday 7 days later we saw a large roach in the kitchen cabinet witch the doors was closed and killed a tiny baby roach on the refigrator and a tiny baby bug my washed curtain in master bedroom. So do they nest in the window sill? I think you will be back soon. Thanks for you service. By the way do you have a quarterly maintain service?
Duluth, GA
Loganville, GA
I am not happy with the service. The bee problem has not been resolved.
Covington, GA
Exterminator was awesome and very pleasant!
Ellenwood, GA
Great service and wonderful results.
Fayetteville, GA
At the moment, I'm not so sure about Future Services (FS) generally. I'm not sure which location provides my service, but I'm beginning to get a little frustrated. Recently, after a visit to service the bait stations at my home, the serviceman noticed termite activity. After exploring further, he noticed damage in my basement and reported back to his home office. Understandably, due to COVID-19, the repairs weren't made right away. I stayed in touch with the office, just to make sure I was still in queue to get repairs completed. When it was time for repairs, the contractor showed up at my home and identified the areas that were to be repaired, in addition to the areas that had been identified by the serviceman. When the contractor had completed his work, I shared with him that an area around an exterior door upstairs appeared to have signs of damage as well. He and I went to inspect the area, and he indicated it appeared to be termite damage, but he'd have to contact FS and have them inspect. Given it had been some time since the repairs were made and I had not been contacted by FS, I reached out to them. I was told by them that the contractor told them it was water damage vs termite damage, so I was asked to send pics. I sent the pics, showing mud tunnels and obvious termite activity. A few weeks later (today), FS sends someone out, who claims there's evidence of moisture damage around this exterior door - there is NOT!!! There is clear evidence of termite damage. I was told that he would have to report to see if they would repair it, because anytime there's moisture, the moisture has softened the wood and termites are attracted to the softened wood. Well obviously the termites are attracted to the hardwood as well given the damage in my basement. I have damage and it needs to be repaired. I need FS to be as eager to stand behind their warranty, as I am to pay for their service. I shouldn't have to hire an independent contractor to inspect.
Grayson, GA
We are still watching our lawn to see how our issues finally get resolved beforewe can accurately rate your company. For now, we assign you a rate of 4 out of 5.
Ellenwood, GA
I was happy with service.
Lawrenceville, GA
David is the most professional technician we have ever met. Always kind and knowledgeable. He gets it done! Quick! Even explains why, what, when, how and where!! Can"t beat the service.
Loganville, GA
Courteous and thorough and quick.
Lawrenceville, GA
The man that came out to inspect our home was informative and professional. Thanks Future Services.
Ellenwood, GA
I was initially happy but as of late I’m seeing more weeds than usual.