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Home Paramount

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Manassas, VA

4.5 · 398 reviews
4.5 · 398 reviews
Paul J D.
Fairfax, VA
Terrible. I would not trust this company to step on a half-dead cockroach. After 39 years as a customer it finally dawned on me what a scam this company perpetrates on its customers. Thirty-nine years of annual pest inspections just to keep up my termite warranty, and what do I get when I really need them? A final shaft. All of a sudden, they’re telling me there are powder post beetle holes in one area of the basement. No activity, just holes, but the rules say I can’t complete the real estate transaction until it is treated. They knew they had me over a barrel. That cost me over $1300 for the inspection and treatment. I’ve kept every one of my annual inspection reports, examined them carefully, and there is only one mention of powder post beetle holes, and I clearly recall the technician telling me that treatment was not needed (Wow, an honest man!) since there was no active infestation. In other words, it was OLD evidence. Furthermore, after a close reading of these 39 inspection reports, I notice the clear pattern of shoddiness in the documentation. Illegible notations, “yes or no” checkboxes left blank (it has to be one or the other), and numerous other evidence of sloppiness and lack of professionalism. I’ve never been impressed with the people this company sends out. I clearly recall on one occasion, we walked into the garage. I lost sight of the inspector, and then he calls me over to show me a dead mouse in the middle of the floor, where moments earlier there was none. Did he think I was born yesterday? Does this company include dead rodents in the equipment they issue to their employees? I’ve seen my share of dead mice, and I can attest to the fact that they almost never drop dead in an open area. They usually just crawl into a dark corner in some rarely visited space (mice don’t like people), curl up and die. You don’t find freshly dead mice. If you ever do find one, it has become mummified to the point where it is hardly recognizable. Finally, there is the so called “warranty. If you read it carefully, it is so full of legal mumbo-jumbo that even the Supreme Court would conclude that there is no way for a customer to recoup any form of damages from these charlatans. At this point you’re probably asking yourselves why we stayed with this outfit for so long. The answer is simple. We did a poor job of managing the whole thing. Home Paramount is not to be trusted. You’ve been warned. Stay away from these people.
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