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Oahu Termite and Pest Control

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Honolulu, HI

4.5 · 75 reviews
4.5 · 75 reviews
Donna Sunada
Kaneohe, HI
Let me start by explaining that we live in a large 2-story, 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 living room house, with an attached 2-car carport and storage room.  The downstairs construction is mostly cmu block.  We noticed termite dust mainly in our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  

We had our home tented on March 4, 2020.  At the time, we thought service was excellent, but in the end, unfortunately, we were VERY DISAPPOINTED. 

Prior to tenting, I asked the salesman, Preston, if EVERYTHING inside the tent would be exterminated.  He assured me that it would.  However, just a FEW MINUTES after the uncover, I saw a LIVE lizard in our carport.  When we returned later, after it was safe to enter, we found only 1 dead large roach, about a dozen dead small roaches, and a dead gecko inside our entire home, mainly in our kitchen/dining area.  Honestly, we were expecting a whole lot more!  The very next morning, there was a LIVE gecko upstairs above my daughter's bedroom door.  Then on March 15th, there were a few LIVE termites right outside our front door.  We also found a couple LIVE large roaches in one of our upstairs bathrooms.  We took photos of these incidents.

The fumigators ran ONLY 2 GAS LINES into the ENTIRE house - one at the top of the stairs, and one in our front living room.  From previous experience with another company, they ran a SEPARATE LINE into EVERY ROOM to distribute gas more evenly.  I really can't tell if the termites are still alive, or if they were actually exterminated because they dwell hidden inside the wood.  However, we are quite disappointed because it seems this treatment was NOT as effective as it should have been.

On March 9th, I contacted the salesman about my concerns, but sadly till this day, I never heard back from him.  

I would NOT recommend Oahu Termite to my family and friends.
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