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Economy Pool

Pool Service

Venice, FL

3.8 · 600 reviews
3.8 · 600 reviews
Tamara Fisher
Orange City, FL
We recently bought our home and hired Economy pools/cool pools to service our pool. ( They serviced the pool when the sellers lived here, so they were familiar with the pool and equipment. The office said since 2018) Shortly after we moved in, I noticed the filter was dripping by the pool equipment. They sent someone out to fix it. The tech came out, did some stuff by the equipment/ fixed the leak and left. That's when the problems began. The pool wasn't warming anymore and so I noticed that the filters were not coming on. They said they would send someone out to look at it. The Jose came out and told me I need a new motor for my pump.
( Again, they are familiar with the pool equipment. Jose even mentioned he had done work on my equipment before.. I said I had a home warranty for my pool and he told me they usually deny everything and it's hard to get things fixed and it takes a long time. I had company coming for a visit and he knew I was anxious to get it fixed. He told me he could be back out the next morning with a new pump for $1,400 . I said yes we had to do what we had to do. I had a bad feeling because everything was working fine before the first tech came to fix the drip. I asked my moms pool guy to come give me a second opinion. ( He was not familiar with my equipment at all) He came out that same morning,
after Jose left, and spent about 40 min trying to see what the issue was. He kept saying he didn't think it was the pump. After attempting several things like sealing any possible air leaks, he started turning valves. Sure enough he turned a valve and the sound of water came gushing through the pipes and the filters turned on. I want to cancel service and they say I have to pay $200 if it's before 12 months. They refuse to waive the fee even under these circumstances. Tabatha was rude and laughed at me when I said i was going to post my reviews. This company is very deceiving and has horrible customer service.
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