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Venice, FL

4.4 · 349 reviews
4.4 · 349 reviews

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Venice, FL


Pool Service
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Pool heaters, filters, pumps, and accessories.

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At Economy Pool of Florida you can count on quality, knowledgeable service, competitive pricing and in stock merchandise. Please take a look around our site and discover some of what we have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one our of staff about our products or services please give us a call at (941) 485-3440.

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4.4 star average rating (349 reviews)

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Venice, FL
No. Pool is dirty. No chlorine in container.
Englewood, FL
Terrible quality control.
Punta Gorda , FL
Our Pool Tech Jason is wonderful!! He is always smiling Especially when we mention his " Gilligan Hat" or Harley's. Love to always look forward to him servicing our pool!!
Venice, FL
Initial service was great! Chris was very helpful and answered all my questions. I hope this level of customer service continues. Thank you.
North Venice, FL
Haven’t seen anyone attending my pool. Supposed to coming on Mondays Last card left of status of pool Nov 21 ??????
Sarasota, FL
I am not at the property but I hope that those who are servicing the pool watch to make sure that the water level is either drained or filled as required to allow the skimmer to function as designed. Water level should be controlled to be below the top of the skimmer opening.
Sarasota, FL
No supposed to be on weekly service only came every 10 to 11 days took awhile to get straightened out.
Venice, FL
Was perfect for years. Pool condition has been inconsistent for the past 6 months. Office staff listens. Just Frustrating.
Englewood, FL
There was a lady that came to service my pool this week. She did not clean or brush my pool. I was there at the time. I pay for full service and I expect to have my pool cleaned and brushed and chemicals each week. If they do not want to do that each week, please let me know and I will get another company to do my pool. Thank you.
Venice, FL
Economy Pool Service is Back on Track with our New Tech Jim in S. Venice. Honestly, we did have issues with this service, and I almost quit them after using them for many years, but before I could do that, we were assigned a new Tech, Jim, and he provides us with great, reliable, and friendly service like we used to receive from Economy. Great job Jim, keep up the good work!
Venice, FL
Worst company ever.   We turned our pool over to Economy Pools 7/02/19 in clean usable condition.  That was the last time the pool was usable.  Each week the pool became worse.  We sent pictures each week complaining the pool is green and unusable.  It is now 9/30/19 and the pool has gone from green to black.   When they cut the plumbing to install their salt water setup they cut our clorinator so close I don't believe it can be installed again.  Then they broke the pressure gauge on the filter and it has not been replaced.
We cancelled our contract a week ago and they still have not removed their equipment.  I have all correspondence and pictures from each week and have hired Cool Pool Pros to clean my pool and take over maintenance.  They are giving me a report with pictures documenting the condition of the pool when they took over service.  I am sure I will need all of this to pursue legal action.

Stay away from this company by all means.
Venice, FL

psaluter41@ GMAIL.COM.
Punta Gorda, FL
No comment at this time. The pool guy should leave a card on my lanai table so that I will know he came to clean when I was not home. Thank you!
Horrible service. We had them out the first time to see what the problem was and the guy didn"t seem to know. My husband then decided to go with the salt water system and it was all set to go for installation the next day. The next day came and then all of a sudden we needed to coat the pool first. Why it was decided before hand, I don"t know?! Then it was scheduled to just clean out our pipes and fix what we have, NO ONE SHOWED!! We called and then he said someone will be out still. Well guess what NO ONE CAME! We called again no answer and no call back! Our guy was Todd Davis. Now we are stuck with a dirty pool and still no one from this company has returned our call.
Port Charlotte, FL
We are not entirely happy with your service. We had two service calls and the pool was not vacuumed or the filter cleaned at either.
Tampa, FL
I had to pay for poor customer service, a broken part and a green pool.

The company doesn't communicate with the customer. This lead to them neglecting my pool, which lead to the destruction of an integral part of the filtration system. It took them months to get my pool swimmable. They grudgingly gave my less than two months in compensation for their sub-quality service. After I cancelled service, the company then never sent me a final bill, blamed me for not paying, and put me into collections. Watch out for this company. They are snake oil salesmen.

They don't come even close to a one, but what can I say, there's nothing less than one.
Boca Grande, FL
Dependable. Pleasant service personnel. Easy billing system. Parts procurement and installation. I couldn’t ask for anything more!
Venice, FL
I am a new customer and recently had the low salt light come on the pools salt generator. I called the office and told them I had a problem and ask them to have Joe my pool guy call me. After two days and three phone calls and no response I was not happy. I went to the retail store in Venice last Saturday with a picture of the equipment that showed the warning light own and the lady looked up my account and gave me a 40lb bag of salt to add to the pool to get the generator back working. She said she we send a note to the area manager and they would send Joe out. I still have not seen Joe. The response from your company is pathetic. I am not a happy customer. Dennis Stein Cell 785-224-3795 Home 941-408-7516. Please give me a call.
Largo, FL
Poor service, no one hardly answers when you call. no one returns phone calls when you leave a message or if you happen to reach someone. they keep billing me and i cannot cancel service because no one will speak to me. going on two months now. they want me to pay for service but no one hardly shows up to clean my pool. i have to call them to remind them to provide service. i end up paying extra by testing water myself and adding chemicals. when i signed on for service they said if i ever wanted to but the salt cell generator I am leasing they would give at a prorated amount based on the time i've been leasing. they lied, they want to charge me the same it costs to purchase new. through my job i have a lawyer on retainer. so i may pursue legal action because im not going to have my credit ruined because i wont pay a bill for service i dont receive. stay away from this company by all means. may contact information was provided in the review, let's see if they call now.
Punta Gorda, FL
Service has gotten better. Still need tech to leave card after service if we are not home.
Kind of concerning that there has been soo many different techs.
Port Charlotte, FL
We were ready to cancel service with this company until today this new pool guy showed up. The last few guys that came out didnt even spend 5 minutes at our pool!! This man spent an hour meticulously brushing our walls, used soap on our tiles ( i have NEVER seen a pool guy do this), cleaned our filter, AND vacuumed. When he was finished he knocked on our door and introduced himself. Very professional and clean cut. We will keep service and see how James works out. Amazing how much of a difference it makes to have someone dedicated to their work.
Rotonda West, FL
No, not happy with your service so far. I received pictures of my disgusting green pool from my yard man. It was gross for 2 weeks, and was told when I contacted you that I needed a pool part. Why did I have to call and complain to find this out??? Not impressed.
Jacksonville, FL
Hired for a "Green to Clean" with possible monthly service in consideration. 4 visits and the bottom is covered in leaves and muck. No one has been here for 2 weeks and I get no response from my calls! Totally unsatisfied!
Port Charlotte, FL
I never had a problem last year, I cannot get good service this year
I call they do not respond. No pictures are taken by the person that cleans. I have my home for for sale tomorrow is an inspection for closing and my realtor told me my pool is green. I call and get answer.
Nokomis, FL
Fantastic service that I can depend on!
Englewood, FL
Last time we were there in April, pool looked great, clear and clean. Very pleased thus far. Going back in August and looking forward to seeing the same!!
North Port, FL
Very happy new email address
Palm Harbor, FL
The absolute worst experience with this company right from day 1. Didn"t do the service that we paid for. Called about algae...they sent someone who left their card on the door with no explanation of what he did or did not do...which is a lot more the latter...algae worse today...water sample to pinch a penny...the guy was like what the heck your pool is a mess...50# salt,chlorine,algaecide...$40 later we are treating our own pool...stay far away from this company!
Venice, FL
Very unhappy right now. I have green stuff growing along the edges of my pool and the outflow. Ugggh!!!
Denise Croskey.
North Port, FL
No. I hsve calld your office to dpreak to your manager 5 times with no call back. Would you be happy?
I didn't think so.
Venice, FL
Please contact me regarding the Salt generator upgrade.
North Port, FL
1st visit. All good.
Venice, FL
If you want your pool to look green, call these guys they seem like they’re pros at it.
Venice, FL
Our pool became full of yellow algae and the company is working to fix it.
Valrico, FL
When they took over Gulf to Bay the quality of service practically disappeared. They are inconsistent with their day and times of when they come out, if they even come out at all. We"ve had to call several times to ask to have a service guy come out to clean the pool to begin with. This last time we called on Thursday and the service rep claimed he was on his way. Well Thursday came and went so did Friday and our pool still looked liked an insect graveyard because it hadn"t been cleaned. When we called and advised them of this, the rep said he was just there (he wasn"t because I was home most of both of those days) but we"ll have him come back out again on Monday! Again?? He never came in the first place! And to top off that lie, I called them three times to discuss this and left three voicemails and never received a call back. Do yourself a favor and find a company that will actually provide you with the service you pay for without all the lying and frustration you get with Economy Pools.
New Port Richey , FL
If I could give this company a zero I would do not believe all the five stars on here I cannot possibly be true check other websites for the reviews they"re all horrible they service my pool for two months and every single time they came they did not clean the filter just use their not a couple times when I asked them to come remove their equipment they left my pool completely shut off from the main power switch I assume just cause issues this is literally the worst company I"ve ever dealt with in my life.
Venice, FL
Thank you for sending an email to request regarding customer care. We have had a change in technicians and all is well. This is my mother (95 years old) home, and while I am here in the winter months everything has been taken care of and we appreciate the note left on the door knob regarding your weekly visits. Thanks for looking after 432 Palmetto Court, Methven residence.
Orange City, FL
Holiday, FL
Pool has been green for two weeks now after 3 visits by a technician. Dont believe all the fake reviews on here, most are auto-generated.
Venice, FL
I’m new to Economy Pool Service. So far I’m very happy with my decision to switch to Economy. Saltwater pools need someone who understands the system. I believe Economy understands, and will keep my pool in excellent condition. If you are not familiar with SWP’s, you should have Tim come out and explain the advantages!