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Advantage Termite & Pest Control

Pest Control

De Soto, KS

4.9 · 282 reviews
4.9 · 282 reviews
Sam Whitaker
Shawnee, KS
"The most important thing at Advantage is providing our customers with the highest level of customer service." This is from the Advantage website & I do not feel that this statement is valid. In Aug. 2017, Brad (co-owner) from Advantage performed a buyer-opted termite inspection at a home that my wife & I eventually purchased. The WDI report concluded that there was no visible evidence of termites & recommended no treatment. We did not ask that the sellers perform a termite treatment. In May 2018, my wife observed "winged ants" coming from a rotten-looking spot at the base of the front door. Brad returned in July 2018 & confirmed that in the basement, behind a piece of insulation, we had visible mud tunnel evidence of termites. The tunnel was dry & damaged so the tunnel was inactive; not brand new. The mud tunnel is immediately below the rotten looking spot near the front door; about 12" apart. The rotten portion at the base of the front door where the "winged ants" (termites) emerged was painted over in a poor cosmetic fix by previous homeowners. The termite activity occurred in the rotten area that the previous homeowners cosmetically addressed. Logically, this makes it very likely that termite evidence existed at the time of the August 2017 inspection & wasnt caught. The house is 20 yrs old & Ive owned it 11 months meaning I"ve owned the home for 4.6% of its structural life. Since the mud tunnel is inactive, I find it highly unlikely that termites arrived during the 4.6% of time that we owned the home. Basically a 1 in 20 chance. Brad quoted $700 + tax & $220 + tax annual maintenance on Sentricon. I asked him to meet me halfway & to perform the service at-cost but he did not express interest in negotiation. I told Brad that I was unhappy, out of options & would leave a poor review online which I am doing now. Brad, I encourage you to put the text from your website into action by meeting me halfway on a Sentricon system at-cost.
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