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Bell Cow Hvac

Heating & Air

Richmond, VA

4.7 · 223 reviews
4.7 · 223 reviews
Old Republic
South Chesterfield, VA
This company was referred from my home warranty company Old Republic. I had a leak issue and old republic decided they would cover fixing that. A female by the name of Jakira calls goes over information with me and sends me a contract. The top of this form says this is what your home warranty will not cover and it’s says total due $1095.00 page 1 of 2 with a signature required on the 2nd page. 3rd page which isn’t number says total due at completion $4400.00 so I immediately call after seeing this startling amount especially being that I expected my warranty to cover it. I call and I get the same nice young lady and I let her know I received the email and have some questions about the numbers on this form. I specially ask word for word “Is the 1095 what I have to pay”? She replies yes then I proceed to ask what is the $4400 at the bottom is this what my warranty pays”? She replied yes. Ok so all I have to pay you all is 1095 correct? Again she replies yes. So we proceed to set up an appointment which was roughly 2-3 days later she also lets me know someone will stop by to get me to sign this paperwork prior to beginning....ok fine. So I share the information with my family and they recommend I call back to see about a matching unit to the one that’s outside she goes over this with me and lets me know it’s 7k to match what I have so I say “ no I’ll keep what I have because I’m sure my out of pocket cost of the 1095 will increase”. I say this to say I’ve spoken to this young lady multiple times at this point and there is clear misunderstanding seeing as I was told and assumed the $1095.00 was my ONLY out of pocket cost. So the young men arrive Wednesday 3/18/20 and do the work and I call the company and who do I get “Ms. Jakira” again and I let her know I’m calling to pay and provide my card information. She ask ok do you provide authorization for the $4400.00? $4400.00 at this point I’m confused and state isn’t that what the warranty is covering? She advises me that my warranty covered my issue which was the leak from my indoor unit and I requested a new outdoor unit and signed paperwork. Well to begin with why would anyone request to pay $4400 for something that your warranty covered for you ? If old republic paid you to fix the issue which didn’t include and entirely new outdoor unit what would be anyone’s reasoning for requesting that ? Unless you just had the extra $4400 laying around. I say this to say I was misinformed and misled and was not provided clear information when I called. Unfortunately I don’t have the $4400 to pay this company and could only pay the $1095 I assumed I would have to pay. I’m currently out of work at home with my children and family and because I couldn’t pay they also took the breaker to make sure I couldn’t use the unit . I have 6 individuals in my home and to keep them warm we had to purchase space heaters to keep the babies warm because I couldn’t use the unit. I cried all day I’m so upset that this happened and the manager didn’t offer any alternatives besides “You need to pay us”. We are a low income household and it would take me forever to save an extra $3300.00 PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY and if so make sure they didn’t sell you something that you don’t need and then make it seem as if your warranty is covering it!!!!! Also if you are a woman please make sure your husband or another trusted male that’s knowledgeable about HVACs Is on the line with you so you understand and won’t be taken advantage of. Unfortunately I had no one :(.
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