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Bike Fitting

Irvine, CA

5.0 · 107 reviews
5.0 · 107 reviews
Eric Cosyn
Irvine, CA
I am a 55 y.o. recreational rider, riding about 1.8K miles a year, but also doing the occasional short distance triathlon. I recently decided to step up my triathlon racing to 4 or 5 races per year and I knew my setup was not right, as I was getting numb quickly at the saddle when extended over the clip-on aerobars. I decided to get a professional fit, something I had never done before. On the first appointment, Dave completely "restructured" my position at once, changing saddle, stem, adjusting the cleats. It really was a radical change, with the seatpost raised by a good inch! The fit immediately felt better, with no more numbness and my legs less tired after a ride. There were follow-ups appointments, each after about 10 hrs or so of riding. The next two appointments were mostly about getting the saddle forward/backward position right, with some saddle height and cleat adjustments. The last appointment mostly confirmed that the fit was nailed. The bike is now much more confortable, whether I am on the hoods, the drops or the aerobars, while my position is also more "aero/agressive" than it was (though certainly still mild by "pro" standard!). In all, my experience with Dave was first rate and consulting with him was one of the best decisions I ever made concerning my biking.
Business Owner's Reply · A year ago (May 3, 2019)
Eric, Thanks for taking time to share your experience. There is no expiry date on the fit so please reach out if you are having any issues or you change equipment. Dave
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