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5.0 · 98 reviews

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Irvine, CA
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Despite any marketing hype you may have heard there is NO generic method to fit a rider to a bike – trust me I have tried all the software, tools and gadgets on the market! Every bike is different as it must not only be specific for body configuration and flexibility but also for personal preferences and riding style. I specialize in the efficient bike fittings for all levels of riders

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Irvine, CA
I am a 55 y.o. recreational rider, riding about 1.8K miles a year, but also doing the occasional short distance triathlon. I recently decided to step up my triathlon racing to 4 or 5 races per year and I knew my setup was not right, as I was getting numb quickly at the saddle when extended over the clip-on aerobars. I decided to get a professional fit, something I had never done before. On the first appointment, Dave completely "restructured" my position at once, changing saddle, stem, adjusting the cleats. It really was a radical change, with the seatpost raised by a good inch! The fit immediately felt better, with no more numbness and my legs less tired after a ride. There were follow-ups appointments, each after about 10 hrs or so of riding. The next two appointments were mostly about getting the saddle forward/backward position right, with some saddle height and cleat adjustments. The last appointment mostly confirmed that the fit was nailed. The bike is now much more confortable, whether I am on the hoods, the drops or the aerobars, while my position is also more "aero/agressive" than it was (though certainly still mild by "pro" standard!). In all, my experience with Dave was first rate and consulting with him was one of the best decisions I ever made concerning my biking.
Irvine, CA
I recommend Dave to get your bike fit dialed in. His service is excellent, he really goes above and beyond. He was able to provide bike fitting service even after I returned my first bike to get the bike I really wanted from Canyon. Dave is more like a partner for your biking team.
Yorba Linda, CA
I called Dave, scheduled an appointment for a fit and the rest is history! Working with Dave was a great experience and he is my go to person for bike fits and bike buying advice. Dave perfected my bike fit and continuously followed up with me until we got everything sorted. Dave gave me a lot of cycling, positioning and nutrition tips while doing my fit. I will keep going back as my posture and fitness levels change to change my set up and make it more aggressive. Not only will I keep working with Dave on this bike but I will definitely take his advice when buying my next bike. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and I really enjoyed my time with him. Highly recommended!
Business Owner's Reply · A year ago (May 7, 2018)
Mo. You are now officially an athlete. Let me know when you are ready to move to the next stage. Thanks for the shout out. Dave
Alpine, CA
Dave Jordaan, from Cyber Cycle Coach, has been supporting Strive Racing for 9 years. Having coached numerous National and World Champions, and having performed thousands of meticulous bike fittings, there is no better bike fitter out there. If you want to feel better on the bike, prevent injury, or simply want to go faster by maximizing your power, . . . then go see Dave!
Dave helped turn my daughter into a National Champion! Thank you Dave Jordaan for your support.
Business Owner's Reply · A year ago (Mar 30, 2018)
Thank you to the Swan Clan. It is always a pleasure to see you guys.
My bike fit experience with Dave had been top notch. He immediately instilled me with confidence regarding his ability and authority. His attention to detail is actually astonishing, which I think exemplifies a true gift. I will be recommending him to everyone in the market for a proper fitting!!!
Business Owner's Reply · A year ago (Mar 6, 2018)
Thanks Janet. I trust that you are enjoying many comfortable miles on your bike.
Santa ana, CA
I saw Coach Dave Jordaan for a bike fitting as I had been developing chaffing on long rides. It turns out that as we get older some flexibility we always had is reduced (age 75). I rode my bike on his trainer and he observed my position. He was able to determine that the saddles I rode for 40 years were causing the problem. Dave had multiple saddles and he gave me one referred to as a "cradle" to try. It resolved a problem I had for 2 years. I am again able to do 100 mile rides with thousands of feet of climbing and am pain/chaffing free. If you have fitting issues he has the years of experience with high level cyclists and beginners to make your bike work for you.
Irvine, CA
Excellent. It was great knowing that I had received a professional fit from someone that truly knew his craft. In my experience there is a big difference between the folks that can give me a few measurements and someone who truly understands what is required to maximize performance. I highly recommend Dave.
Orange, CA
Everything you could ever need in a bike fitter/coach combo! Dave knows it all. My fits have been under his wing for the last 3 years. From misaligned hips/Sitbone placement to your typical knee pains, I have yet to have a problem he couldn"t fix, and have had a life changing experience on the bicycle ever since I discovered his fittings & coaching.
Laguna Hills, CA
Always so professional, and educational. I really enjoy working with Dave over the years, he takes his time, and I appreciate every session.

Good work.
Irvine, CA
Was highly referred to Dave by several cyclists. upon my own research i quickly learned that Dave is the go to coach not only in southern california, but online as well. Fit went well. you can tell Dave loves what he does and is a true artist. Highly recommend you put your trust in him.
Corona del Mar, CA
Dave Jordan is very much an expert at fitting a bicycle to a bicyclist. He has a wealth of experience and the head of an engineer, as well as a good physiological understanding of exercise and performance. He spends the time necessary to perfectly fit the bike and follow-up as required. I have nothing bad to say and many good things to note. After owing several bicycles, this was the first time I used a professional to fit the bike to me. Not only does he make adjustments on the equipment you bring in for the fitting, but he changes the equipment (saddle, stem, seat post, peddles) as needed to achieved the optimal fitting. I recommend Dave Jordan strongly.
Torrance , CA
I highly recommend Dave if you need frame sizing and/or a bike for. The service was fantastic and Dave is incredibly knowledgeable. We spent around 90 minutes during the sizing session and he answered all my questions. I could not be happier with the service. It was an incredible experience and I am very confident in Dave's ability to make sure the bike you buy was meant for your body. Dave is great to work with and I highly recommend him.
La Quinta, CA
Had Coach Dave do my pro-fit. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, cycle savvy professional to correctly match them to their bike.

His cycling training experience and understanding of sports physiology is a definite plus.
Mission viejo, CA
Simply Genius!!!
Dave is the most caring and professional individual I've ever met. His attention to detail is amazing. I came to see him after having lower back problems and issues with my saddle. Dave is the "Bike Whisperer" of all bikes. After few minutes of observing my position and pedaling, he simply made few adjustments, changed saddle and WOW I can actually enjoy riding again. Best part of it all is that Dave will make you feel like you're an athlete on the Olympic team. He's always available to answer any questions, concerns and guidance. As a rookie biker I feel very fortunate to have met Dave. Since my first fitting I have met with Dave several times and he's constantly improving my riding experience. 100% I recommend Dave to any biker from rookie to professionals, he is your guy

Thanks Coach Dave.
Over the years, I have had Dave fit me on my TT, Road and Mountain Bikes. Dave is detailed, rider and event specific with bike fits and with his recommendations.
You can buy a bike online , friend, or the LBS, but that is the easy part.
Finding the proper fit requires a professional, somebody who cares and knows what they are doing.
After 5 years of riding the incorrect sized bike,, a friend of mine recommended Dave.
My comfort level has increased and now I can ride longer and stronger.
Dave is friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable with all things cycling.

The bike fitting service I purchased will probably have 1-2 more follow up appointments, but I have seen immediate results with his adjustments.

The best part of the experience for me has been Dave's level of care for the entirety of my cycling experience. His passion for coaching cyclists bleeds into his fitting and he has recommendations for core workouts, training on hills, proper nutrition, etc.

Highly recommended - a great experience!
I visited with Dave at Cybercycle to deal with hand numbing concerns related to reach as well as seat fit issues . He has vast experience and patience in dealing with these type of issues. Good qualities obviously when there may be follow up visits required and in trying to iron out any issues on subsequent rides. He provides very good recommendations as it relates to the existing components and is conscientious. I recommend Dave jordan highly as he is a pleasure to deal with..
Dave has great knowledge not just about bike fitting but about many aspects of cycling/triathlon like nutrition and physiology. My fit has made a huge difference in my comfort on my tri bike and his nutritional tips have also helped me with my recovery after long or intense sessions. Highly recommended!..
Dave is an expert at what he does. I went to him by referral from trusted friends. He has coached and fitted world champions. That speaks loudly for itself. Personally he has gotten me much more comfortable and confident on the bike. I like that he personalizes the fit to each and every rider. He understands racers, the races and training rides we do and he adapts the fit to our personal needs. My fit is based off of the type of racing I do and my bodies flexibility. This isn't just a one type deal. He takes his time and explains what he's doing and you will also come back for follow up visits to dial in the fit and tell him what you liked and don't as well as how the bike feels. You need to be fit on your bike, go to an expert. Dave is one of the few who is a professional at it...
Based on my recent fitting session with Dave Jordaan, I highly recommend his services to anyone who is committed to riding at the best of their ability. Dave is a consummate professional who combines his extensive knowledge and experience with great attention to detail and genuine interest in client feedback. The result is a very customized service that fully engages the client and produces the best results. I look forward to working with Dave to increase my performance and enhance my enjoyment in riding.

Dave Mantel
March 2016..
Since the last fitting, I've gone back to Dave a few more times for various reasons. As my fitness level changed, minor tweaks were required and Dave helped me as he always has. I recently got a new bike and Dave helped me once again, highly recommended!....
I was recommended to Cyber Cycle Coach by my own training coach. I love his professionalism, and knowledge. He takes time with me. My bike and I feel like we are made for each other now.

I highly recommend Dave!

Coach Dave is great! You will get much more than a Bike Fit. I'm very glad I get to work with him. Friendly, professional, easy to work with. He's obviously not doing it just for the money but really want to help you as a cyclist.

I'm new to cycling so this was the best investment I made...
I'm an avid cyclist and race 7 months every year. I've worked with many fitters in the past and Dave is definitely one of the most knowledgeable fitters out there! Also, a great resource if your looking for the perfect saddle! Always prompt and professional. Highly recommended!..
I think anyone who is enjoying cycling should take the time to work with Dave. He can help you not only get the most out of your cycling but also help you avoid some of the orthopedic problems that can come with a bike that does not match your body....
The bike fitting from Dave was invaluable! I was ready to buy a new bike and I wanted to ensure that I got the right size. Dave took all my measurements and then made specific sizing recommendations for all of the brands and models on my list (for free!). I would have wasted thousands of dollars on the wrong size frame that was recommended by the “experts” at the bike store.

After I got the bike, Dave made painstaking adjustments numerous times to evaluate my position, comfort and safety based on my age, riding style and bike geometry. It was truly a professional and customized experience. After the fitting, he explained exactly why the chosen frame size was important for the proper fit and best performance.

Dave combines in-depth knowledge, years of experience and rider feedback to ensure that the fitting is perfect for the individual – whether you’re a young racer or mid-50s casual rider (like me), or anything in between, he takes the time to find what’s best for you.

In addition to an outstanding fitting, Dave provided recommendations for exercise and training rides to improve my performance and comfort. I was amazed at the significant results in less than a week – without rigorous workouts! My personalized training plan includes things that easily fit into a busy schedule of work and family life.

Regardless of your riding style, goals or age, Dave’s services are worth every penny...
I highly recommend Dave as a bike fitter! His knowledge and experience as a cyclist and bike fitter is excellent...
A wealth of knowledge. Professional, straight to the point, and a very compassionate man of his work. I enjoyed my visit and would recommend anyone who has never received a bike fit before to try Coach Dave first...
Dave is great!! Takes his time to get things perfect. Highly recommend his services...
Coach Dave definitely knows what he is doing! He actually cares about you as a rider and given the price he is not in it for the money...
I am 6'7" tall and getting back into cycling again after 25 years and could not do it without Dave.

Even if you are an experienced rider I'm pretty sure Dave can help you.

Dave works hard for you to make sure you are fit to ride the bike and the bike fits you....
Dave was very thorough and went out of his way to assist in my bike fitting...I would highly recommend Dave!..
Dave has been great to work with. He's patient, concise and attentive to all the details. Each visit I learn something new! His breadth of cycling experience is obvious and reassuring. Before Dave's fit I suffered a very painful back injury while training and could not cycle. Two friends referred me to Dave. I noticed a big difference when riding after our first adjustment. I'm now almost pain free and able to ride again....
Dave is amazing. He fixed all the knee problems I have had. He explain all the different steps he is doing during the fit. He is also flexible with his schedule and has great communication to make sure your bike fit is working....
Very happy customer, Dave is very professional and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend using him for a complete bike fitting....
I had my first bike fit with Dave over a decade ago and my most recent on my Tri bike last week. He took my uncomfortable, arm numbing position and turned it into something fast and comfortable. Exactly what I wanted.

All of my experiences with him have been great. Regardless of the type of bike (s) you ride, your individual goals, or your body type, Dave can help you out....
I recently worked with Dave for my bike fitting and I felt right away he's the real deal. His attention to details show his love for this sport. I am currently in my second fitting and majority of the pains have gone or diminished. I highly recommend Dave for bike fitting. Thanks Dave for a pleasant experience....
UPDATED on 10/16/2015 (5 out of 5 stars)
UPDATE 10/16/15:
I felt a need to augment my original review (first read original revew). I have been extremely impressed with Dave through the bike fitting process, and now as a participant in a spin ride series I was invited to join. The dedication he shows to his craft as both a bike fitter and a coach is remarkable, and I do not say that lightly. He has gone above and beyond all of my expectations to assist me. As an example, after a bike crash that resulted in cracked frame, he followed up with articles addressing relevant issues ranging from riding technique to wound care; he made multiple trips to my local bike shop to get them the appropriate spare frame of his to be built up for me to resume training while my cracked frame is being repaired. I am relatively new to cycling, but it is obvious to me how much the cyclists and teams that he coaches must be benefitting from him....
ORIGINAL REVIEW on 9/9/2015 (5 out of 5 stars)
If you can afford it, having Dave Jordaan do your bike fit is a no-brainer, whether you are a pro or new to biking. I am new to road bikes and am learning the ropes as I train hard for my first century.

His fit is not a one-thing event. For the cost, you are receiving numerous successive appointments where the fit is adjusted as you get used to your bike and give him feedback.

I had not yet found a saddle I was comfortable with, and he has a number of saddles to try out, so he helped me figure out how to properly sit on a saddle, and held onto my saddle as I borrowed the saddles he recommends to find the geometry that works for me. In essence, I am also benefiting for a saddle program that shops would charge extra for.

As you probably know from his website, he is a world-class trainer and during the period while he is fitting me to the bike, he is offering me advice and answering my emails on a range of topics such as hydration, intervals, core strengthening exercises, crashes, etc.

If you are new to biking and have not yet pulled the trigger on your bike, I suggest you pay for his services BEFORE you buy the bike. He can recommend a bike that fits your geometry, as different bikes in the same category (e.g. "endurance road bike") have differences that will fit your body better or worse. Consider his fee for the bike fit a part of your bike budget, as you would rather have a slightly smaller budget for a bike that fits you well than a slightly larger budget for a bike that does not.
Complete newbie here in the cycling/triathlon field. Dave helped me out in narrowing down a bike and all the necessary gear that I might need. Being locked into the pedals, he thought it'd be safer to go with Speedplays in case I might topple over. Does a great job in explaining any issues I might have.....