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5.0 · 141 reviews

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Irvine, CA
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Despite any marketing hype you may have heard there is NO generic method to fit a rider to a bike – trust me I have tried all the software, tools and gadgets on the market! Every bike is different as it must not only be specific for body configuration and flexibility but also for personal preferences and riding style. I specialize in the efficient bike fittings for all levels of riders

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Irvine, CA
Dave was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and solved ALL my issues! I came to him with some knee pain after riding 2+ hours. His in-depth initial fit uncovered some other issues I was having but just thought were normal (sore rear, "hot" feet). What I really appreciated is he truly cares and is determined to solve any issues to get you comfortable and enjoy riding. He clearly enjoys what he does and is not satisfied until you are. Where other fitters you"d be lucky to have 1 follow-up and probably have to pay for it… I had not one, not two, but FIVE follow-up appointments to make things just right. I am an experienced and fit cyclist but still learned a ton from Dave, not just about position but nutrition and fueling as well. He services are second to none and well worth every cent. Thanks Dave!
Irvine, CA
I bought a new bike as I prepared to do a Ironman70.3. Knew I needed a bike fit to get things dialed in and Dave was who I found online. I read his profile online saw that he had the right background (+20years coaching and fitting athletes at amateur, college, and professional levels) for what I needed. When I contacted him he was very accommodating in getting me in for my initial bike fit, which I really appreciated, since my work schedule is rigid.

When I met him he was so welcoming and informative. He gave me a lot of great training hydration and fueling advice which proved to be very useful. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his bike fitting process. His saddle program (where he picks a saddle that optimizes you and lets you try it for free) is unlike anything you will find on the open market.

After the initial fit, I felt like my legs where more balanced and my body position improved. I felt so comfortable with the initial set up, I did the Ironman70.3 and did a personal best for the bike portion of the race, without being able to go back for my initial follow. One week after the race, I went to the follow up visit which was helpful in getting the set up really dialed in, we switched my saddle again after some discussion and now I feel like I'm all ready for my next Ironman70.3 race !

Overall my experience working with Dave has been amazing and I have already recommended a few of my friends to him for bike fits. Dave is more than a bike fitter, he is a coach who really cares for his clients. Its worth every penny. Highly recommend working with Dave.
Lake Forest, CA
Dave has made my bike fitting experience very enjoyable and educational. He is extremely knowledgeable with his years as a cycling coach and provides ample care and intricate attentiveness in order to get your fit and form to where it needs to be for health and enjoyment while cycling. Cannot recommend Dave"s services enough if you want to take your cycling to the next level.
Tustin, CA
I bought my first real road bike from a family member about 2 years ago and a year after that I started training for my first triathlon. Once my weekly mileage started increasing, so did the aches and pains. The same family member recommended a professional bike fitting and that's when I met Dave.

Dave is the embodiment of everything a coach should be. He made all the necessary adjustments to my stem, saddle positioning, shoes, cleats and taught me about nutrition, training and safety the whole way through. You're paying for a bike fitting, but you're really getting so much more. I've since upgraded my saddle, my shoes, installed tri bars and completed my first Olympic triathlon (now training for my first half Ironman). I feel like I've come back for follow up visits a dozen times and Dave still greets me with a smile and always has helpful tips to keep me improving. I've sent some of my friends his way and they've all had great experiences as well. If you're looking to ride in comfort and become a stronger cyclist, don't hesitate to give Dave a call. Your body will thank you!
La Mirada, CA
Dave is one of the kindest & most genuine guys out there. His knowledge about cycling and fitting is top-notch.

The fit itself was a very easy process. No messy wires or cables or computers. He knows exactly what he is doing & is an absolute gem of a find. Your fitting fee isn't just for a single fit, you have MULTIPLE follow ups that are included.

Your saddle isn't right for you? Dave will let you use a new one for months and buy it down the road if needed as apart of his saddle program.

Recently, my bike was stolen & I reached out to Dave knowing he would help in any way that he could. The same day, he got my bike, took it to his private mechanic and had it ready within a few days & replaced all of the stolen parts in a costly manner.

Overall 100% recommend.
Oc, CA
Highly recommend Dave. I completed my fastest & strongest 80-mile race thanks to time with Dave. Dave asks great questions to understand your goals and manages your rider profile thru out the bike fit process. With my priorities in mind, we worked together to find my optimal position on the bike (more aggressive). To my surprise this new fit was much more comfortable than my less aggressive previous fit. Dave also has a wealth of product knowledge, nutrition insights and pedaling techniques I found extremely helpful. At the end of the day, Dave put in the time needed to help me begin to achieving my goals on the bike.
San Clemente, CA
Dave is a wealth of knowledge and we are blessed to have him in Orange County! The process was dynamic and he listens to feedback about the changes made - likes dislikes etc - and iterates to make sure I got the best fit for the type of riding I do (gravel). Dave made me aware of the little nuances I would have never considered - like foot arch height - doing anything about. It's definitely worth the investment if you want to improve your cycling fitness, be more comfortable, go faster, or all of the above.
Murrieta , CA
I am a first time client and I am more than pleased to have worked with Cybercyclecoach. I have been given great detail attention to all of my needs in regards to my bike fit and I am more than pleased with the results I"ve had with my new bike.
Irvine, CA
Dave is fantastic. If you live anywhere near Orange County, and you need a bike fitting, I wouldn't consider anyone else. He takes careful measurements like sit bone width (using a pressure sensitive pad you sit on), pedal stroke (using a plumb bob), and a host of other metrics and lets you come back as many times are needed to dial in fit. He is very responsive to emails and the difference in my efficiency and lack of pain while riding long distances is noticeable. He has great advice for training and nutrition as well, and the bazillions of jerseys signed by the many racers he has coached attest to his experience. But please note: I am a 58 year-old non-racer who got into cycling on 1/1/21, so he can help mere mortals a lot as well. I can't recommend him enough!
Aliso Viejo, CA
I went with Dave upon hearing a glowing review from a friend who has recently jumped into triathlons (after years of running) with both feet first.

I also consider myself more of a runner, and while I had some triathlons under my belt, I am no means a seasoned veteran, and I needed all the help I could get for my 70.3 triathlon I was prepping for. I was honestly astonished upon my first visit to Dave by all the race memorabilia, signed number plates, jerseys, how organized his place was with shoes, saddles, measuring equipment and how organized everything was to cater to your needs. This man has most certainly been around the block, has the ear and respect of all sorts of cyclists undertaking every sort of endeavor, endurance cycling races, long course triathlons, sprints, and everything in between. After the 3 visits I paid to Dave I can say hands down his knowledge and skill was a huge part in improving my 70.3 time by nearly 30 minutes and leaving my legs fresh for the run.

Dave's expertise in sizing up your existing bike, bar location, saddle type, pedals/cleats and shoes is just the beginning. His knowledge of proper nutrition/fueling before and during riding, post-ride recovery, importance of ergonomics and physiology was mind-blowing to me. The tips he shared on the best way to hydrate with either a BTA system up front or a rear bottle carrier behind the saddle, type of nutrition depending how long you expect to be on the bike, proper stance/body location to save your leg muscles for the run and how to stay 'aero' with your current or future bike setup were just some of the topics he was able to share with me.

Dave had helmets, shoes, pedals, saddles, nutrition available to test/purchase and his saddle choice for me that I ended up purchasing was spot-on. I can't say enough good things about this man and his attention to detail. I wholeheartedly recommend his services even if you are outside Orange County, CA. Money and time well spent!
Irvine, CA
Dave is fantastic, no other way to describe it. Just a good guy that loves doing bike fits, and he will get you set up right!

Give it a shot, I promise you won't regret it.
Lake Forest, CA
Dave has been a godsend in helping me continue on my bike journey. I came in with pin from saddle sores that were making me contemplate giving up riding or going the recumbent route and since we"ve been working together. I"ve had no more pain and am now able to ride for much longer comfortably!
Ontario, CA
I found Dave on the internet amongst a host of bike fitters. What stood out was the time he took when he called me to explain what and how HE does his analysis. It showed me that he cared about how I ride and not just how the bike fit.

During our initial meeting, we took all the measurements to make sure of my shoe, saddle, handlebar, pedal and host of other markers to ensure a smooth pain free ride. We spoke about nutrition, exercising, supplements and all the things it takes to be successful outside of just peddling on the bike.

My new bike feels great. I rode 15 miles further than my longest previous ride just because it "felt good" and I didn't bonk. After riding 10 hours, I've gone back and he has made more suggestions for my riding style and adjustments to the bike.

If you are serious about how well your bike fits, in addition to the factors that help you ride that bike better you will not find a better fitter than Dave.

He's knowledgeable. He's a patient teacher. He cares. And best of all, he made my bike fit great!!
Orange , CA
I was having some issues with pain in my feet while riding. Dave worked with me till we found the right solution! Great experience.
Placentia , CA
My bike fit went great! I"ve been able to ride further while feeling comfortable and going faster!
Lake Forest, CA
As a amateur cyclist, at first I wasn"t sure if the fit was right for me, but after riding the fit given to me and coming back for a follow-up fit, I can say Dave Jordaan knows what he"s doing.

Not only the ride quality was better but my performance has increased as well. Whether you"re a novice or professional cyclist, I would recommend seeing Dave Jordaan.
Huntington Beach, CA
I wished I"d know Dave Jordaan years ago! I"d been riding with extreme pain in my glutes. After my bike fit I was pain free. Dave"s process is very professional, covering every detail head to toe. With Dave you get more than just a bike fit. He is also a very experienced coach, who shares priceless pearls of wisdom. If you are thinking of getting a bike fit, Cybercyclecoach is the place to go.
Irvine, CA
What a wonderful experience.
Your will not only get a perfect bike fit, you also get tons of extra information to perform the best you can.
Dave's extraordinary knowledge will help you too.
Santa Ana, CA
If you are serious about getting a proper bike fitting . . . see Dave. He understands every aspect of fitting and doesn't stop adjusting until you are completely comfortable on the bike riding for hours. Having had lots of fittings in my riding career, Dave is the best I've found.
I recently had a bike fit from Dave.

He provided a perfect fit on the first session.

I can't believe how much more comfortable I am on the bike after; my feet no longer fall asleep on short rides and loads of tension have disappeared from my upper back.

If you are looking for a great fit from a kind, experienced individual, look no further than Dave!
Ninole, HI
I've been struggling with knee issues on the bike. I've had other bike fits, but they did not help and actually made other things worse. Finally after seeing Dave, I feel great on the bike. He also went the extra mile to explain a lot of things to me which really helped. This is not a cookie cutter bike fit where they measure some angles and go off of some formulas. This is a bike fit personalized to you from someone with decades of experience. Honestly the cost is a bargain and I would recommend anyone who has a bike go see Dave, don't wait until you have issues like me, do it before hand!
Mission Viejo, CA
Dave is top notch, not only as a bike fitter, but also as a coach and human. Dave's vast knowledge and experience are like an open encyclopedia tailored for your bike riding needs. He went over and above what my expectations were for a bike fitter-- his patient observations and insights proved to be amazing, as he guided me through the fitting process.

Dave is a true masterclass artiste in making sure you ride to your optimum level. He is my bike coach forever! I am thoroughly stoked to have had his positive influence on my bike riding.
Orange, CA
There is simply no substitute for Experience and when it comes to bike fitting and cycling performance, Dave Jordaan is the guy you want to be with. In the end, the numbers don"t lie so I base my cycling improvement on metrics measured before and after my initial Bike Fit with Dave and the tremendous gains I made were a direct result from Dave"s Direction and knowledge.

Dave is clear spoken and able to communicate what he sees and how he plans to correct it. If you"ve been cycling for years or brand new to it, just listen to Dave and trust his vast experience and you"ll see great improvements before you know it.
Yorba Linda, CA
Honestly, I wish I went to Dave a year ago before taking up cycling. The fit itself has saved me so much pain and physical damage from poor seat/reach positioning that it really ignited my love for cycling 10-fold. I am able to do long rides comfortably, with more power and with more knowledge of effective and efficient riding, all thanks to Dave. Beyond the bike fit, he helped provide much-needed knowledge for crit racing. I had my first race the day after my bike fit, and am thoroughly convinced he saved me from a trip to the hospital by giving me a mini-racing course during the fit. I really appreciated the care and knowledge Dave has toward me (clients in general), and would love to be able to spend time learning more from him in the future. He's truly a master of the cycling sport and race-craft. Thank you again Dave!
Laguna Hills, CA
I'm 60 years young and while I'm not into going fast I am have been preparing for some longer bike tours in my upcoming retirement. After doing 4-5 rides I've been feeling some aches and pains. I've never had a proper bike fit and I recently found Dave the Cyber Cycle Coach. I was a bit intimidated to book an appointment but that all went away immediately when I met Dave. He is the nicest guy and made me feel very relaxed. We set up my bike in his shop and he had me ride and he took lots of measurements. The first visit was around 2 hours and Dave made lots of changes. He also taught me about optimal posture and hand placement which I found just as important as the fit. In addition to all that he gave me guidance on proper nutrition and hydration before, during and after my rides. He sent me off to ride and acclimate to my new configuration and today I came back for the second visit to touch base and see if there were any issues. I feel so much better now and have much more energy on my rides and also a piece of mind that I have a proper fit. Dave also provided me with a sheet showing all the optimal dimensions for my setup should I wish to purchase another bike in the future. I simply can't say enough good things about Dave's service, after going through this I feel it's a must do for anyone remotely serious about their cycling! Do yourself a big favor and check Dave out!
Mission Viejo, CA
I have not competed in a race for almost 3 years and have only been riding a road bike for the last 4 years. I decided to buy a triathalon bike for an IronMan I have this spring 2021. I went to Cyber Cycle Coach Dave and have nothing but great things to say! Amazing how much your feel and experience can differ in just 4 years. Dave got me comfortable quickly and provided me his expert guidance on the fit of my bike and some strategies on positioning myself on a very tricky tri bike!

Great experience, fantastic knowledge and a genuine passion for cycling is what I got out of this valuable fitting process!

Thank you Dave!

Irvine, CA
It has been amazing working with Dave. He takes time over multiple appointments to dial things in. This level of service just wouldn't take place at a bike shop fit appointment. I have seen improvements in my power output and comfort on my bike. He also helped me pick out the right size for a new bike that I purchased. I would highly recommend Dave if you are looking to get a bike fit.
Laguna Hills, CA
Dave is a master of his craft and a true teacher. Unlike most shops, he doesn't just put you on a computer for a "one and done" fitting. Instead, he will work with you over a period of time to ascertain the best fit and equipment. As scientific as his methods are, he puts a lot of weight on how you feel as a rider. Dave always has your success at the forefront of his mind, and will not settle for anything less. As someone who has been struggling with discomfort and knee pain, I have found immense relief from my bike fit. I am no longer bothered by these issues and can focus on training or enjoying the ride. I cannot recommend Dave enough!
Yorba Linda, CA
Just got home from a fitting session with Dave Jordaan. Very friendly and provided a good quality mask before entering his shop.

He spent a good amount of time working with me and offered a lot of really sound advice. At the end of it, he told me he can"t charge me a dime because my fit is already set very well. He also swapped out my stem for a very slightly shorter one for free.

I am still in awe of his integrity and I even asked for him to bill me something for his time and all the valuable information, and he turned me down.

Excellent experience. I will absolutely recommend Dave Jordaan to my friends, family, and myself when it comes time for a new bike. Thank you!
Perris, CA
I am happy I found Cybercyclecoach.
Dave is professional, very knowledgeable, and he was able to help me with bike fitting.
I highly recommend getting a bike fit if you're going to ride consistently. Imagine getting a suit off the shelf and sure, it fits pretty good. But, once you get it tailored to your exact specifications, it's a whole new ball game. Dave takes the time custom fit you to your bike taking in consideration your size, flexibility, and your goals.
Newport Beach, CA
Coach Dave is a wealth of knowledge who has coached some of the best in the world. If you are looking for a true top tier professional bike fit, training advice, and overall fantastic experience, then Dave is your guy. He will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you have. He will make you fast, strong and more efficient on the bike. Go to Dave for all your bike fitting needs!!
Laguna Beach, CA
I"m very happy with the outcome of the bike fit work with Dave. He is patient and thoroughly looks at the bike+rider to find what will work, and candid opinions about what"s not working. The changes feel great on the bike. I would recommend Dave to anyone who rides bikes.
Irvine, CA
Dave is great to work with. I highly recommend his expertise in bike fitting and coaching. After a few sessions and a couple of saddles; I feel perfect on my bike without any pressure.

Thanks, Dave!
Huntington Beach, CA
Great experience with Cyber Cycle coach Dave Jordaan! From the moment you meet Dave you know your are in the room with someone who not only loves cycling but someone who cares about you and wants you to enjoy the sport and love it as much as he does. And to truly love it you need a bike that fits you properly.

I had some lower back pain and wrist pain and he adjusted my seat and handlebars and made several recommendations on improvements to the bike as well as some safety tips, and none of the tips benefited him directly (meaning he didn't sell the items to me or refer me to anyone).

His approach is fully focused on meeting the customer's needs so the customer can have a rewarding cycling experience and continue to cycle for many years. As I was entering for my first fitting I also ran into a gentlemen around 75 who had been working with him for years and he was in better shape than I was. I highly recommend Mr. Jordaan if you want your bike to fit properly and enjoy it for years to come.
Mission Viejo, CA
I went to see Dave for a bike fit this past August for left knee pain while riding. I had been to other bike fitters but unfortunately my knee pain persisted.
Dave was professional and very methodical with my fitting.
I really liked that he didn"t change a lot of things all at once and he was very accommodating to make small adjustments as needed. I"m happy to say that Dave resolved my knee issue. He did the fittings on both my mountain bike and road bike.
I highly recommend Dave and will definitely use him again when I"m ready to buy a new road bike.
Mission Viejo, CA
I tried several other bike fitters before I saw Dave. The results I"ve seen from my bike fittings with Dave have been exceptional. He has fixed issues I was having on my MTB and road bikes with knee and lower back pain. Worth every penny and more.
Costa Mesa, CA
Coach Dave is amazing. I have been a client of his for going on 3 years. Originally I had Dave help me with a fit for an ultra race. I had tried (and failed miserably) to get my bike set up correctly. Dave spend a ton of time getting me in the ballpark then multiple follow-ups to dial in everything from my seat selection to aero bar geometry. I also suffered an over-use injury during last stages of my training and he helped me a lot trying to resolve that issue. Post-race, I returned my bike to a standard road set up along with dealing with nerve damage to one foot and Dave has been there for me. Absolutely fantastic service. I'm a customer for life. Thank you Dave!
Business Owner's Reply · 4 years ago (Jul 15, 2019)
Thank you for trusting me with your bike fit. This was truly teamwork - especially with the shoe/cleat nerve damage solution. Wishing you many pain free miles.
Villa Park, CA
You will not find a better bike fitter in Orange County! I had several bike fits on my bike and Dave finally got it right. He knows what he is doing and is very precise and patient. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things cycling! I highly recommend Dave! You will not be disappointed and you will ride much better because of him!
Business Owner's Reply · 4 years ago (Jul 15, 2019)
Thanks Cyndi.
Laguna Beach, CA
I am a 71-year-old retired male and former runner. I took up cycling when I couldn"t run anymore (July 2016). I have a bad case of OA and many joints that are not very functional. Knee and shoulder have been replaced and the remaining need replacement. I have had nerves deadened in my neck (facets) because of bone on bone.
I had pain coming from everywhere. Dave accommodated me with my initial bike fit. I came back several times to make the final fine-tuned adjustments. It is amazing how Dave can make adjustments you cannot see (barely) or feel. However, when I have been in the saddle for a while, I can feel the difference!!!
The bike fit along with fitness recommendations has made all the difference in the world. I would not be cycling if it were not for Dave. Some people get a computerized bike fit. Dave helps people fine tune a bike fit AFTER the computerized bike fit. EXPERIENCE MATTERS!!!
Dave still trains and fits professional cyclists! Plus, the weekend warriors! A lot of local bike shops recommend Dave.
Dave offers a wealth of knowledge, not just related to bike fitting, but also around proper nutrition, hydration, and training. I can't say enough about Dave.