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Bill's Home Service Company

Termite & Pest Control

Green Valley, AZ

4.9 · 1197 reviews
4.9 · 1197 reviews
Ken W.
Green Valley, AZ
It will be interesting to see if this appears on the review list as it will unfortunately lower Bill's average.
Great employees save for some communication glitches. I have a large locked backyard and repeatedly asked for assistance in obtaining enough advance warning to unlock my gate. The evening before is not an advance warning so often the backyard is missed and they have to return. The last time offered some new challenges. You never learn if the entire yard was done or not until an email arrives. I called the tech to reschedule the yard and left a message. No reply. So I used the website "contact us" to advise the pre-scheduling was still not working. NO REPLY. So it appears it is still my responsibility to have attempted a third time to reach someone who cared!!!
I don't think so. After receiving my bill for the entire yard, I called the office. Cindy was very cordial, but stated company policy. We can't deduct, or advance free services. She wanted me to speak to the owner. What I learned was the owner is very lucky he has employees that will put up with his rational. As his customer service skills are non-existent. His one goal is to prove he is right and acknowledges no fault in the matter. No sense of caring, no empathy, a bottom line guy who needs every buck he makes. Good luck with that one. I will be looking for a more owner friendly company. Your employees are great, it's what keeps you afloat.
Business Owner's Reply · 6 months ago (Oct 7)
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us on this matter. We're sorry that we have not met your expectations in this situation. It seems that, despite our discussions regarding this matter, we are having trouble communicating. We would like to follow up again in order to find the best solution to the problem at hand and we hope you'll give us the opportunity to do so.
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