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Terminix of North Carolina

Pest Control

Holly Springs, NC

4.6 · 475 reviews
4.6 · 475 reviews
Debbie Lively
Cary, NC
You called to tell me you are coming, a few days before, and I was not able to answer my phone, but you didn’t bother to leave a message. How would anyone know when you are coming, if you don’t even leave a message. You did not call back, I had to call you the second time to find out when you are coming. I knew to do that because The first time you just showed up, and I had no idea that you were coming, because I didn’t see that you had called. What if I had not been home. This is a horrible communication system. I specifically have you to get rid of the roaches that are on the inside of my house. It will help to get rid of the roaches on the outside, if you only spray the outside, but what about all the roaches that are on inside. Are you spraying a barrier, to keep them in? Now I have found out that I have to sign up to have the inside done, and I have, someone should have told me this, before. It seems like that would have been obvious, that I needed this, since I mainly need the roaches eliminated. I thought I had paid to get the best service. I have even asked for roach bait boxes on every visit. But only one was added, and that was of course only under the house. I can’t say anything bad about the guy that comes to treat the house. He is nice, and I am sure he is doing the job, that he is told to do. I am only sending this review to you, because I don’t understand your methods. 3 stars for now, because your guy is so nice. Hopefully your communication will get better, and you will be effective.
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