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Applied Chiropractic Inc.

Applied Chiropractic Inc.


Newport Beach, CA

5.0 · 15 reviews
5.0 · 15 reviews

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About Applied Chiropractic Inc.


Newport Beach, CA


Additional Services: Active Release Technique (ART) · Kinesio Taping

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Mon-Thu: 2-7pm; Fri: 9am-2pm

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Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

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Board Certified Chiropractor. Official provider of Active Release Technique (ART).

About This Business

I am a fully accredited by the Chiropractic Board Examiners in California and nationwide. My clinic is also an official provider of Active Release Technique (ART). Our clinic quality is endorsed by several managed care networks. Let us help you to resolve neck and lower back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ pain, shoulder pain, auto and sport injuries.

My goal is to deliver the best level of personalized attention to each individual who chooses to be one of the clinic patients. We believe life is better when your body and mind are in harmony and balance. Optimum health is achieved when you maintain that balance in your life.

My mission as successful physicians is not only to solve the root of your current problem, but to help you change your lifestyle to prevent future problems. This approach will increase overall quality of your health and your life.

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Applied Chiropractic Inc.

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5.0 star average rating (15 reviews)

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Corona Del Mar, CA
Dr Gilda Gilak is a fantastic healer who can transform a body in pain into a whole entity with her care and expertise. she is well versed in many phases of Kinesiology and can address many of a patient's health issues. There is no one better in this field.
Dr.Gilak is an awesome,knowledgeable,caring chiropractor with an absolute healing hands !I believe she does magic I couldn't continue my work at my demanding job environment with out her help.I highly recommend her to everybody needs a caring knowledgeable chiropractor.
Los Angeles, CA
She definitely knows what she is doing! Fixed my back-ache which has been bothering me for a while. And she is also very friendly and can start a conversation with anyone through which she manages to distract you from hearing all the noise she is getting out of your joints!!

Thank you Dr Gilak!....
I am a competitive powerlifter and my coach told me to go see a chiro for some sciatic nerve pain I was having. I didn't really feel comfortable seeing a chiro because I didn't think they helped people. I found Gilda on my health insurance website. My first visit with her was a great experience. She did some work on my leg and back muscles and I had noticeable results. Not only did she help my sciatica but she also worked on some minor issues I was having and all her work even took away some constant hip pain I thought was arthritis. I still see her as needed and Im super happy I went to her. She is very nice and is very knowledgeable. We discuss different things I feel and she works on it until I feel better. Even if I wasn't in pain I would go to her once a month just to work on tightness of muscles or problem areas. She is also reasonably priced, which is nice because my insurance doesn't cover my visits to her. She is worth every penny.....
Gilda has done a great job in helping me heal my back issues.......
Huntington Beach, CA
I have the highest regard for Dr. Gilak and her knowledge of sports injuries. She treated me for tennis elbow and a lower back problem. I was back on the courts and the golf course in record time. Dr. Gilac will keep you active and feeling your best.

Bob D....
Gilda is by far the best chiropractor that I have ever gone to.
Being a runner, I have accumulated so many different types of injuries & aches throughout the years & have gone to many different chiropractors because none did what they were supposed to! However, for the last four years Gilda has been the only source of relief for me!
She is knowledgeable, caring & most importantly
honest in doing her job.....
I've been a patient of Gilda Gilak since November of 2013 and she has done wonders for my severe neck & back pain. I'm Very very happy with her treatments and highly recommend her.
Thank you Gilda!
Ida B....
She has a sincere, humble approach to my personal and physical health. She is flexible with scheduling, which accommodates a dynamic lifestyle. I truly feel she is concerned with my wellbeing. Thank you....
Newport Beach, CA
Dr. Gilak gets a "double" 5 Star rating for helping me to recover from several muscle and tissue tears, alignment in my lower back and for greatly improving my quality of life.
I have been dealing with severe C-Diff since February 1, 2013 which has left me with a tremendous loss of body muscle mass. The last 15 months, I have been inactive with most of my time being spent either in bed or sitting.
The core muscles that hold my back in alignment have become undependable for even the most gentle motions.
I have had several severe lower back issues in the last two months that required an ambulance to the ER at Hoag.
I asked my primary medical physician for a referral to a Chiropractor but he was less than helpful and told me it would be 14 days to receive a referral, at a minimum.
I called Scan directly and they were quick to respond. They immediately recommended Dr. Gilak and made an appointment for the next day. Scan was ready to provide assisted transportation for me but it was less painful to crawl on my hands and knees to our car and then into Dr. Gilak's office.
By the time Dr. Gilak was finished with my first treatment, I was able to very, very slowly walk to the curb for our car. I am improving with every treatment and always look forward to the next one.
Dr. Gilak has been supporting, gently adjusting, instructing and cautioning me regarding my activities. Because of Dr. Gilak's counseling, I am now very quiet and deliberate in all of my movements and confident in my recovery. I do not want any more pain so I am gladly following Dr. Gilak's instructions.
Thank You Dr. Gilak for helping, when no one else could. My wife and our 5 year old daughter Thank You also.
Ronald L. Blanchard....
Newport Beach, CA
I came to Dr. Gilak from a chiropractor who demanded hour long visits 2-3 times per week for months and months without much improvement. Dr. Gilak's philosophy is not to push you to visit, but to let her help you when you need it. The Active Release Therapy she uses paired with the right chiropractic adjustments leave me feeling great for months! Less of a pain on my pocketbook vs. the previous chiropractor.....
Newport Beach, CA
Dr. Gilda is awesome!

She practices "Active Release Technique" and that is exactly what I needed for my shoulder.

Highly recommend her!....
Newport Beach, CA
Thank you Dr. Gilak for your kind care and my mobility back! If one would like to be pain free in a short time and not have to keep coming back Dr. Gilak is the one to call.....
Newport Beach, CA
I am a two time Triathlon Ironman Finisher and because the stress I put on my body, I depend on Gilda to put me back together using ART treatment. Most recently, Gilda worked on my prolong issue with Plantar Fasciitis with just a few visits. Also, I appreciate her ability to quickly diagnose issue(s) and give alternative solutions to fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

Francisco A.....
Newport Beach, CA
Dr. Gilak's focus on correction of the biomechanics that is giving you pain means that she solves the problem -- often within just a few visits. She has returned me to a full life -- in which I am no longer plagued by constant pain. She has treated several family members with the same results. As if that weren't enough, she is also a ton of fun to talk to. I would not hesitate to return, but thus far, I don't need to!....