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Deland, FL

3.1 · 126 reviews
3.1 · 126 reviews

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Deland, FL


Pool Service
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At Economy Pool of Florida you can count on quality, knowledgeable service, competitive pricing and in stock merchandise. Please take a look around our site and discover some of what we have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one our of staff about our products or services please give us a call at (941) 485-3440.

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3.1 star average rating (126 reviews)

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Apopka, FL
No one has come to clean our pool in weeks and I haven’t heard from you guys.
Orlando, FL
Sorry I’m not happy , my pool still green . I paid 300 and until now nobody’s is coming .to fix the problem.
Casselberry , FL
This is a follow up on my review last week. A supervisor came out the next day and discussed our concerns. He was going to clean the pool himself but we told him it was ok to wait til next week and have the cleaner come on the regular day. The cleaner came today which is our scheduled day and did a good job cleaning, testing the water and adding chemicals. We also are getting a credit for next month"s fee. Thank you Jose for your quick response to our concerns and we look forward to using this company for our pool services.
Orlando, FL
I am not sure what all the bad reviews about I have had nothing but great things to say about their service. They do what I want them to do and they keep my pool crystal clear and balanced. Thank you!
Oviedo, FL
I mean, aside from my email and Google reviews, I had another company come out one day after it was “cleaned” by your rep and the water wasn’t even chlorinated and it was more yellow than the day before.
Deltona, FL
I have started doing business with you in April. The salt unit that was installed had issues and they replaced it. The second unit ALSO had issues to the point my pool now has algae and I have been asking for someone to come since may. I’d give you a one star if I could.
Apopka, FL
Never do what they say when they say. My pool is awful, way worse than when I hired them.
Deltona, FL
Apparently no one see these reviews i had responded before, no i had to tell the pool guy that certain things needed to be done. I dont expect a full blown conversion but when I ask a question be more openly and answer me like he knows what to do. He did nkt vacuum the pool,didnt clean out the skimmer. I dont like someone to come n act like they dont wanna do the job. So have some with alot of acknowledge n can tell me what is needed in the pool. This was the second service and i was not impressed at all. The 1st guy we didnt meet so i dont know what he was like. I can't rate all the stars cause until i get good service then i will rate.
Deltona, FL
Very disappointed.
Paisley, FL
My pool has been unusable for 2 months now never vacuums or brushes it I had to pour chlorine in it myself neglects to even turn pump back on before leaving I've taken photos of this im paying 135.00 a month for what bad svc. ??????
Deltona, FL
Since my first unfavorable review: Tech was sent back following day because he did not clean filter nor vacuum pool, he seemed annoyed as he tried to tell me that sand on bottom of pool was not sand/dirt but was color of pool and after vacuuming he had a full bag of coloring!!! He apologized. He also told me he cleaned filter the day before but didn"t know how to tear down the system and open canisters… we had to show him and yes, filter was dirty so no… he did not clean it as he said the day before! I gave benefit of the doubt but Service Tech Caleb does very little, is unreliable and needs training
I had issues with service from day 1 and now again! He came and my pool was cloudy, he threw in some metal remover and clarifier ( Did nothing more) I asked him to check CYA and he did not know what that was, I suggested shocking it and he said he"d wait until tomorrow since he was dumbfounded by the cloudiness! He said to call him the next morning, he"d stop by the next day. Pool became cloudier and foamy so I called him and he said he"s busy but would be here later in the day… no show! Called again and another promise to come by that day, I asked him to call me on his way, No call, No show! Now he won"t answer his phone!
Now I"m left for the weekend to clean filter and figure out my cloudy pool!
I messaged the company and because it was Friday they said to call them Monday after 8 am
This tech is a nice kid but has no clue about pools and does not check filters or clean pool is not conscientious, not trustworthy and definitely not reliable, can"t even call back and obviously the company dosent need to retain my business.
Deltona, FL
I’m happy sometimes!! Not all the time. When was the last time my filter was cleaned ? It’s in bad condition. I don’t think I should clean it. Overall the staff are great , makes an effort , but some Dow t sit right with me now. Thank you !
Debary, FL
Dirt was left in the pool the first time they came and then I never saw them again. They’re supposed to come weekly... no answer when I call... definitely canceling and switching to another company.
Deltona, FL
My filter wasn't screwed on properly and blew off in my face !
Oviedo, FL
Ocoee, FL
An issue on original assessment, had to get more replaced, had to get service to come back out since it wasn't installed correctly, and now something else is wrong and they missed. Y appointment Monday. Now I've left 2 vm and no answer.
Fern Park, FL
For my first service I came back to the pool the same way it was before it got serviced. I had to drop my vacuum in to clean the bottom of the pool and the deep end of the pool is cloudy. It is still cloudy now. Not sure what kind of service was done on this first visit.
Orlando, FL
I’ve only just signed up and had one service call so far.
Deltona, FL
Newly hired, I was very unhappy with the service on first visit.
I called Lenny the sales manager who is sending the service person again to do what was promised that wasn’t done the first time such as the basics of cleaning filters and vacuuming.
Check back with me.
Eustis, FL
Yes as the year has really started for the summer I have been happy so far. Will we see as the year moves on.
Lake Mary, FL
No not at all! It has always been a problem with your service!One guy left the other day and it was obvious that the tile needed to be brushed a little and the pool vacuumed - he did neither! So you sent someone else out and they did better but still left trash in 2 different places in the pool. After approx 2 years with your service I decided to vacuum the pool myself and there was no suction so i checked the filter and it was black! More than likely it had never been cleaned and it was impossible to get everything out it was so bad and the filter was new when you started - I put it in myself,I called your office because I wanted to text someone the video that i made of the filter and was refused a number to text it to! So I am pretty much done with you people, you can cancel my service! And do not charge my credit card again.
Deland, FL
Service coordination seems disorganized. Seems like a different tech and day each week.
Daytona Beach, FL
Very helpful.
Orlando, FL
Deland, FL
Adam is awesome!
Winter Park, FL
Leaves and other debris were not cleared out of the pool.
Maitland, FL
I do not like to talk bad about anyone and do not understand why my pool is still dirty after all your efforts.
I have not received an explanation yet, but someone or something is not working out.
This is my first experience with a salt water pool and do not have a good experience at all.
Winter Garden, FL
my pool is green with algae blossoms at the bottom. salt cell says low on salt. no comments on my last inspection report.
Orlando, FL
Yes I am happy with my services, especially for the quick response when I requested your assistance.
Lake Helen, FL
I haven’t seen anyone since the 22nd of February!!! Not happy!!!
Apopka, FL
Pool Services is not great! Going to cancel sadly 😔.
Altamonte Springs, FL
I am not happy with the service, at all. I've been a customer for over a month and my pool has only been serviced twice. When I call, all kinds of promises are made but those promises are never fulfilled. I'm calling tomorrow to cancel my contract. Seeing as Economy Pools of Deland hasn't fulfilled their end of the contract, I don't have a choice.
Port Orange, FL
No, I’m not happy with it. I’ve brought it up before and it’s still an issue. It’s inconsistent. Never the same day and most of the time not in the same week. We are really considering going with another company because we need consistency and from what I’ve been told by your company sounds as if that’s not something you can provide :(.
Deltona, FL
No not happy with the service at all.
Orlando, FL
Worst company I've ever dealt with!
Longwood, FL
Service has been discontinued.
Longwood, FL
The walls of my pool are coated in algae. They rarely get brushed. I upgraded to weekly service because I was promised that the walls would get brushed. They still don’t. I also have leaves and residue at the bottom of the pool.
Orlando, FL
Excellent job keeping my pool clean and debris free. Stress-free service.
Edgewater, FL
I will be retiring so please do not use this email ( anymore.


Deltona, FL
why did he not clean my filter.