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Venice, FL

4.2 · 403 reviews
4.2 · 403 reviews

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Venice, FL


Pool Service
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Pool heaters, filters, pumps, and accessories.

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At Economy Pool of Florida you can count on quality, knowledgeable service, competitive pricing and in stock merchandise. Please take a look around our site and discover some of what we have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one our of staff about our products or services please give us a call at (941) 485-3440.

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4.2 star average rating (403 reviews)

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Clearwater, FL
Flyer is very miss leading. Salesman told us first month was 39 and 80 each month after. We signed up and no service has been offered (minus very first one). Called to cancel for a week now, no return call, drove over to their office and told we were on a contract. Told we would have a call back. The gentleman was very rude and argumentative. Told them work hasn't been performed. I have pictures to prove. I also told the guy who showed up for the one and only cleaning we had a salt water pool. He didn't have any idea nor did he look. I have asked for an email confirmation of cancelation and was told one wouldn't be provided. Do NOT use this company.
Deltona, FL
Horrible pool service. Pool service people, don't do anything besides show up for 5 min and crank the chlorine in a salt system pool to 90%, to make it easier to "maintain". Then when you email, or call, nothing really get's done. They say they are sending people, then they don't show up. We just took our pool water to get it tested, and it needed a lot of chemicals, that economy was supposed to take care of bi weekly! They were here last week.. no vacuum, no brushing, no chemicals added.. with salt cell light, left blinking.. The one and ONLY tech for my area is LAZY!!! If you're in the New Port Richey, Trinity, or Pinellas FL area's.. DO NOT HIRE ECONOMY POOLS. They don't do anything, and cost you money in the long run. Let's hope they give me last month's payment back, because I paid for a service that wasn't done. And now it's costing me more to care for it, with out them. Don't take my money, and leave me S.O.L. That's not how you do business, I hope.
Venice, FL
The pool looks great. We are enjoying our salt water pool.
Lutz, FL
Zero communication, pool was Green for 6 weeks before we had to cancel service. Calls went unanswered, tech was useless.

Our pool started turning green. We asked the tech when he was here and he indicated he would shock it.

Next week, pool was still green.

Week 2 pool was very green and called company multiple times with no response.

Week 3 pool was disgusting and talked to on-site tech again. He said that our salt generator needed to be cleaned and he keeps telling his manager. Called again and left messages with no response.

Week 4 finally got someone on the phone and they indicated they would credit us for the month and that he would find out about salt generator issue. Said that the tech should be able to handle the salt generator issue on site and wasn't sure why it wasnt done. Told me he'd call me back with a resolution. Never called back.

Week 5, pool still green and now had "sand" in the bottom the pool.

Week 6, was home when tech was there and he said it should start getting better soon. Asked him about the sand and he said it was probably "DE". Asked him why he didn't let us know last week when he was there and he said "its not my fault". Told him not to come back.

We received an invoice a week later. My wife called and their first sarcastic comment was "Whats the matter, cant pay your bill because of COVID"? She explained the situation above and he said he would note it on the account. Just received a letter from collections for $150.

Not sure how these people are still in business with this kind of service.
Sarasota, FL
All they want to do is to sell you their Chlorine Generator and ignore your service request! Who wants to have a pool service schedule "bi-weekly" for a month and each service is 3 weeks apart??
Rotonda West, FL
Venice, FL
I just started with your service. When my pool service person came out a few days ago I asked him to reset the timer on the pool pump. It has been running 9 1/2 hours per day and I wanted to cut it to 8 hours per day, which is how long the much larger pool in my old house ran for and it seemed to work fine. The service person said that he didn't anything about Hayward systems, saying that he would not touch it, but I could if I wanted to. This is not the kind of service I am used to. He did clean the filter and pool.

Mel Schuyler
1506 Fundy Road.
North Port, FL
Good service and dependable technicians.
Englewood, FL
We have not had any service yet.
Punta Gorda, FL
Fantastic pool cleaning.
Punta Gorda, FL
Ivan did a great job.
Punta Gorda, FL
Very happy. Did a great job.
Venice, FL
I rarely receive a call back when I request service.
Sarasota, FL
So far, so good.
Englewood, FL
I spent last week there and no one came to clean or check the condition of the pool. It was dirty for the “walk through” for our closing on the sale of the house tomorrow. I am disappointed in the or service.
Venice, FL
I wish I could give them a 0. They came yesterday for the 1st time and my pool is still green with algae. They said they're going to charge me for June, next month even though I'm canceling my service and it's still May. Very uncooperative, said they will send me to collections if I cancel my card. (You can't for service not rendered, but they can try), they can't tell me when they will be removing the salt system they put on it or schedule an appointment. DO NOT USE THEM. Sales pitch was they are just a mile down the road. I went there and nobody was there and nobody answers when you call.
Safety Harbor, FL
The sales people are very good. The service they sale is top notch and the pricing is better than anything in town.

However, they don't actually perform the services. A guy would come out every other week and walk around the pool and then leave.

Trying to address the poor issue with customer service is where the real nightmare begins. Based on my experience, they only hire people that were too aggressive, belligerent, or rude to work for internet or phone providers.
Port Charlotte, FL
New to the area and they have excellent Technician, friendly and answered all the questions I asked and explained what he was doing.
North port, FL
Worst company in Florida to do business with.
Orlando, FL
I am being charged $80.00 for the bi-weekly FULL SERVICE CLEANING AND POOL MAINTENANCE Service. This means I should be receiving backwash filter, balance water chemistry, brush walls, clean filter, clean tiles, empty skimmer, empty pump basket, inspect equipment, inspect repairs, net debris and vacuum?the FULL SERVICE treatment each and every time the tech comes out to clean and service my pool. But that isn't what happens. I am always home when these guys come and I have motion detection cameras surveiling my pool that are always on and recording so I have proof to back up what I am saying here. I always stand and watch them when they are here. What I am getting is a half service at best. of them do is check the water and skim the top. What they are checking off on the service card is that they have performed a full service cleaning and maintenance when they have NOT done the work. Even when I confront the techs and ask them to vacuum my pool and brush the walls they tell me they will but then dont! And some have the nerve to check off on the service card that they have performed work they have not done!
Orange park, FL
These people are Absolutely horrible! They are unprofessional and do not properly clean the pool And they don"t properly balance the chemicals. Someone claimed they came out to service my pool Tuesday is now green!!!! They are THE WORsST POOL COMPANY EVER!!!!!! Then it is extremely hard to get in touch with them to try to resolve the issue! Please save your time, energy, and money and go with any other pool company than them!!! I have NEVER HAD SUCH HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!
Venice, FL
Never seeing much done on service visits.
Palm Harbor , FL
This service is a joke. My dog could clean the pool better. I am paying for 2x a month service and am lucky if I get 1x a month. I called to cancel and was told by a manger he would personally take care of my pool . Well even he didn"t show up . So I called and his response was " oh are you do for a service." Well I know when I am but u obviously don"t know. I have called everyday since to talk to another manager and received no call back. I would to know who owns the company to see if they know how their business is being run between the customer service and the techs that are suppose to be cleaning my pool. I send pictures of how dirty my pool is after a cleaning so I have proof . Like I said a joke. I am in customer also and if I treated my patients like this I would have been fired long ago.
Venice, FL
Company and sales do not reply back to issues in a timely manner. Pool cleaner left my pool unclean and both lanai doors open for my dogs to leave the premises. After three visits I have contacted the sales person who signed me up twice already. The first time he responded saying he would talk to management and get a resolution and someone would be back out but no one ever did nor did they follow up at all. This last time no one has responded to messages or emails to get any resolution or cancel. Disputing on my credit card as they are not providing the service I'm supposed to be receiving and cannot be reached. It seems I'm only paying to rent their salt system as they are not doing a good job cleaning the pool and the tiles are growing algae.
Jacksonville, FL
Absolutely TERRIBLE service!! They hardly come out and when they do their techs only skim the surface. When asking the techs why the pool isn't getting any better, they give you different excuses like they are short staffed or waiting for a "special net" to be ordered. Meanwhile we have called the owner for weeks and have gotten no response. We finally got in contact with the people in Venice, but still not the guy running the Jacksonville location. He told them to tell us that it was our "filter" causing the pool to still look green. We asked for him to contact us directly and explain to us the issue and how after almost a year of service, this is the first time we are being told this. We have yet to hear from him. They continue to take money out of our account but no one comes out to even look at our pool. We would have cancelled awhile ago but we were never home to see just how little they were doing. This company is a scam. They show up in a pest control truck and do nothing for your pool. Save yourself the hassle and money and go with someone else. There is a reason they have 1 star on Yelp.
Port Charlotte, FL
Can’t do until return in June.
Venice, FL
Our pool man is excellent.
Orange Park, FL
You call the office they never call back. I left two messages for the ofgice, I left a message on one of the managers cell phone no 1 returns the call! Plus they don't brush the pool they never test the pool and it seems like their techs that they hire are lazy and very inexperience! I cannot wait to get out of my contract!!
Tampa, FL
We have had a great experience with Economy Pool. Great customer service all around. Our tech is wonderful!
Port Charlotte, FL
I need to speak with mer
My pools are not being done for 2 months
Im worried u. Call me
Winter Garden, FL, FL
Salt water device was a game changer. Couldn't possibly be happier. I had a few snags but everything was professional and courteous in a timely fashion out of the Deland Office. I was a gambling gal I bet the competition was putting bad reviews in this site. But I could be wrong.
Venice, FL
Every so often, check with homeowner about pool service.
Venice, FL
Doing a terrific job very happy with clarity of water.You did a great job last season while we were gone.
Boca Grande, FL
We are not happy. The pool has been cloudy for the last four weeks. We call and no one
calls back. We think that there is a problem with the filter. We saw water snakes in the pool
this morning. We are considering changing to another service!!!
Palm Harbor , FL
Very disappointed with the lack of service and communication with customers and lack of knowledge from employees. Pool was in perfect condition when I accepted economy pools services 2 weeks ago and since they converted to salt water, —within a day the pool was turning green. They came out to "take care" of it with the manager, but Whatever they did to it didn"t help. Finally after many unanswered calls And messages, someone Said they would be out the following morning. They did not show up and it"s another day of unanswered calls and messages from them. Wish I never would have let them touch my pool! I wouldn"t be leaving this review had they been communicating with me or would answer their customer"s calls or messages. Now I"m afraid Economy Pools service May have damaged my pool.
Venice, FL
As I am not there I can not rate your service.
Please forward any bills for Bruce Rice at 295 Venice Golf Club Drive to: 1811 Thornton Ridge Road, Towson, MD 21204, or email to
Venice, FL
Great service. Very thorough.
Boca Grande, FL
Pool dirty. Not serviced this past week as was agreed. Please send pool tech on Monday Am the 6th
Thank you
David Berg
Port Charlotte, FL
Jason is doing a great job with our pool. He is very knowledgeable and does the works he says he does.