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San Antonio, TX

4.0 · 67 reviews
4.0 · 67 reviews

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San Antonio, TX
Also serving: Austin, TX · Corpus Christi, TX · Temple, TX · Waco, TX


Pest Control
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Mon-Fri: 8am-5:30pm CST ; Sat: By Phone Only, 8am-12pm CST ; Sun: Closed

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Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, Check

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Central Texas Apartment Association
San Antonio Apartment Association
Austin Apartment Association
Corpus Christi Apartment Association

AIB Certified

Texas Pest Control Association
San Antonio Pest Control Association
National Pest Management Association
TX IPM Affiliate for Public Schools
TX Environmental Health Association
AASMOCA Alamo Area
School Maintenance
Operation Construction Association

About This Business

Worldwide Pest Control has been providing quality pest and termite control services since its foundation. Our wide range of our clientele include; Commercial, Government Facilities, Residential and Apartment communities. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of customer service, quality service, remaining progressive and innovative as a company in the industry.

Our professionally trained pest management specialists have the technical knowledge and expertise to solve any pest needs for all sizes of commercial and/or industrial facilities, as well as a customized pest management program for your residential needs.

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Worldwide Pest Control

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4.0 star average rating (67 reviews)

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San Antonio, TX
Pecan Springs Apartments...

Our service guy Mike is AWESOME!!
Always comes in with a smile and ready to work.
Goes above and beyond for our property.

Thank you Mike!
San Antonio, TX
We are very pleased with our Technician, he is helpful and professional. He is very easy to talk to and express our concerns, we look forward to his positive attitude!
San Antonio, TX
Great service team!
Corpus Christi, TX
Great service.
Uvalde, TX
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our services provided by your company. Your technician Ruben Gallegos is very considerate, generous and consistent with providing us any information to overall help with any pest issues we experience. Thank you for your continued business and look forward to our partnership.

-Zechariah Tobar-

Leasing Consultant

Brownstone Apartment Homes.
San Antonio, TX
Great service and the techs are very professional.
Worldwide Pest Control is very professional and knowledgeable of every pest control need. We are highly satisfied.
My Weekly Technician is Awesome!
Worldwide has given us great customer service. We love all our techs and have had great reviews from our residents.
David, is very thorough in the work he provides. He is awesome! Thanks WorldWide!
Zach is a awesome tech.
Great service from Fernando and Myrna.
Our issues are always taken care of in a very timely manner and we really appreciate everyone's responsiveness.
I have used world Wide Pest Control since I started Property Management in 2005. I like that we get services weekly and they are always here on the date scheduled.
We are happy with our services received from WorldWide.
Great customer service, even when busy and having to lease a voicemail, they are always good to call back to confirm missed messages.
Always friendly willing to help!
Our technician is great-very thorough.
the technicians are always so nice, and we like that they show up first thing in the morning.
Wonderful company to work with.
This is a great company very professional, great communication ,
customer service is outstanding .. Thank all of ya'll.
Timely and efficient service. We appreciate the turn around time and professionalism. Thank you.
Really good and always on time and never gives me any problems when I request for them to spray certain locations.
I have used Worldwide Pest Control on all the properties I have managed. They are both knowledgeable and professional and the price point is perfect for even the smallest of budgets. I definitely recommend World Wide Pest Control.
Very good reps, fast communication, Helpful techs and friendly.
WWPC has just completed a huge project in Dallas for our company!! Excellent Job! Thanks Chad!
Disgusting, idiotic company.

Entombing bats to die slow, painful deaths in hardening foam. Absolutely horrifying.

I would highly recommend Worldwide Pest Control for your home and office. I am very pleased with their service and how quickly they respond. We had bedbugs in our office (which is a horror all on its on) and they explained every process to my staff and myself and put everyone's mind at ease. Needless to say we have no more bedbugs in our office!!!
San Antono, TX
I have been in the property management business for over 25 years and have always had nothing but great work from Worldwide Pest Control. They have done several rodent exclusions and roach infestations on my properties that no one else could handle! The bats we had were handle with care! Now if you live in Texas you know what pest are so give these guys a break!
San Antonio, TX
I have called the company about the bat issue and this has never happened! I have used them for years for this very same problem. They are always professional and humane!
Dallas, TX
I cannot believe you would seal hundreds of bats in the shelter they moved into because of Harvey to die a horrible death. How cruel. There were other options that were humane and compassionate. I hope you go out of business...
Bats are an awesome contribution to the cities they live in, eating tons and tons of bugs including mosquitoes. You did a great disservice. Shame on you.
Horrible, what a waste of beautiful flora and fauna, killing everything in site. This must stop.
So sad... please don't use this company.

This company cruelly entombed bats in the parking structure at Sanctuary Lofts Apartments located in San Marcos, Texas. While the bats were roosting, they were sprayed with a foam that trapped and slowly killed them. Residents could hear the bats scratching and trying to get through the foam they were trapped in, to no avail. Despicable, disgusting practices.
Birmingham England, TX
This company cruelly entombed bats in the parking structure at Sanctuary Lofts Apartments located in San Marcos, Texas. While the bats were roosting, they were sprayed with a foam that trapped and slowly killed them. Residents could hear the bats scratching and trying to get through the foam they were trapped in, to no avail. Despicable, disgusting practices.
Belgrade , MT
Using spray foam to seal bats in to die a slow, horrible death from dehydration and starvation is unbelievably cruel, how do you people live with yourselves? You caused all of those little animals to suffer when there were options for evicting them and then sealing that space when they were out. I hope that you have nightmares about them crying and desperately trying to claw their way out.
You are mean!
Winnipeg , MB
Sickening treatment of bats. Humane exclusionary methods to remove bats are available, yet you entomb them in foam to die horrible deaths. Horrid company.
With humane pest control options available for the removal of bats, it is disturbing that this company choses to use a method that entombs the bats with foam leaving them to die a slow death then decay. I can't imagine that having hundreds to thousands of dead and decaying bats is safe or sanitary for people on the area of the occurrence. If you have any concern for environmental safety please find another company to take your business to.
Baton Rouge, LA
I am sickened to hear of the work practices performed by your employee(s). Bats play an essential role in our ecosystem as major contributors to natural insect control. As a pest control company, you should already know that. Protect them, not terminate them!
Houston, TX
Instead of cruelly entombing bats to die slow, painful deaths in hardening foam, please educate yourselves on humane methods to safely evict bats.
Weatherford, TX
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