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Oldsmar, FL

3.0 · 243 reviews
3.0 · 243 reviews

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Oldsmar, FL


Pool Service
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Pool heaters, filters, pumps, and accessories.

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Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

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At Economy Pool of Florida you can count on quality, knowledgeable service, competitive pricing and in stock merchandise. Please take a look around our site and discover some of what we have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one our of staff about our products or services please give us a call at (941) 485-3440.

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3.0 star average rating (243 reviews)

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Riverview, FL
Emmanuel is great.
Clearwater, FL
Happy with the service.
Brandon, FL
Emmanuel is great! Also appreciate manager Cory.
Dover, FL
My pool is nice and clean.
Valrico, FL
After 1 month, we are still waiting on the "GREEN TO CLEAN" to happen.
Safety Harbor, FL
Love this company came out and they did amazing. Thank you.
Valrico, FL
I had signed up with them a month ago. They came out after I called Bill about a potentially bad motor. He said it was $1k to repair but could sell me a new pump for $1600. I decided to do the new pump and when Courtney the installer got there he informed me they don’t even replace parts only do new installs. Why was I quoted for a repair they wouldn’t even do?

I was tricked into replacing the pump and also Courtney pointed out all my valves were shut off and the pump was not getting water in it. Economy was the only company to mess with the setup. I am convinced they did it intentionally to make a sale.

I called to get answers and spoke with a guy named Tom. He tried to help but came off arrogant and not empathetic with how his salesperson behaved. He gave. Simple $150 discount to avoid further complaint.

After I had this poor experience I spoke with another company. They said this happened all too often and needless to say economy has lost this customer.

Run if Bill if quoting anything for you…. And use another company.
Business Owner's Reply · 2 months ago (Dec 5)
I personally spoke to Mr. Mcintosh and we discussed the parts sold and parts needed. That for the long run replacing is better then repairing. At that time I offered to stop all work and refund any payment. Mr. Mcintosh declined and we continued. We spoke about some of the other services we no longer offer
I apologized and tried to be sympathetic to his concerns and gave him $150 discount for his inconvenience. I hate the fact that a consumer thinks Bill did something just for a sale. I assure you it wasn't and we will address and train for the future.

Thank you
Palm Harbor, FL
somewhat service teck is good office services and so so.
Clearwater, FL
3 to 4 weeks since economy pools or gulf to bay pools. I am not sure at this time who I am dealing with. They take your money and I received no paper work for new pool motor new pool filter new pool heater and all other work this pool company or company's did for us. New hayward natural gas heater out of box no work. Now waiting on A hayward authorized service tech in two weeks to see if they can figure this out. So my company coming to visit will just listen to my story about a pool company that I paid and received no paperwork and a cold pool. THANK'S.
Saint Petersburg, FL
Went down to deal with the timer as it was running all the time. The timer has two things on it and you dial it on and stop. The one is broken off. Needs to be fixed.
Brandon, FL
I am very pleased to have Cory as our Pool guy. Cory is very attentive to our needs and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure we are properly taken care of. I truly hope he will be with us for the duration. Thank You my man for being the face of the company when it comes to service and professionalism.

M. Leonce.
Tampa, FL
Can I get your phone number.
New Port Richey, FL
On time.
Tampa, FL
great service.
Largo, FL
Not happy with your service
tech didn't clean the pool two weeks ago because his back hurt (that's what he said).
Last week your teck didn't even try to get to the backyard, said the gate was locked. He didn't call to ask how he could get to the pool . So basically, we are two weeks without the service.
Clearwater, FL
I sign up as a new customer less than 2 weeks and already receiving bad service. I reached out to Todd the sales person letting him know chlorine was reading high. he said that he would try and get the tech out to investigate. I reached out two times since then letting him know that chlorine was still reading high and I still haven't heard back. this is not the service i signed up for.
Brandon, FL
The pool was yellow all weekend on the walls and stairs.
New Port Richey, FL
My pool has never looked worse it is green and has not bee checked for Months .
Thanks for asking please deal with it for me I intend to stay in my home 0f 40 years .patricia Watt 7278073358 thanks!
Lithia, FL
First month as customer and my pool is green….
Riverview, FL
No one has come out to clean pool this week, after calling and they stated they would come out 06/14/22. I was also charged double charged for serviced not rendered.
Riverview, FL
No not at all. The sales person, Bill, pulled a bait and switch. Told me the company would install a free salt system but now we wait for however long it takes. Date unknown. Or we are able to buy a system. He told me it probably be installed within 3-5 weeks. Then it was 2-3 weeks after the pool was balanced. Now he has no idea when it will be done. My conversation with ended with him asking me “do you want to cancel?” So I did. Bad business. I will be sure and spread the word in our community and anyone else I see. By the way is been a month and the pool still hadn't been cleaned. A guy showed up and inspected the system, skimmed, and checked the water.
Clearwater, FL
My pool is still dirty and they’re worms growing in there now. Can’t swim in it….
Riverview, FL
Maybe we got unlucky but our pool is still dirty even after 3-4 visits.
New Port Richey, FL
Good job.
Brandon, FL
Nobody showed up and if they did, I don’t see anything to show that they did. I could be wrong but when I call, I got no response. Waited over 24 hours to call back, still no response. I’m a little annoyed because the guy who signed me up lied to me, presenting that they’d clean my pool, remove the debris, and clean the water filter. I was lie this is awesome. He completely lied to me. So when I called to see what I’m paying for, I got no response. This is why I’m moving to another provider.
Belleair Beach, FL
Everyone is the best!! We absolutely love Todd!
Valrico, FL
Auto chlorinator not installed yet. Too soon to comment.
Tampa, FL
1. Person submitting order should be able to complete order
2. Manager should be able to log into app and review the order from any other device connecting with the same credentials
3. Anyone should be able to submit order;
4. But if order deadline is for example on a Friday and order was submitted say proactively on a Wednesday, anyone should be able to access the app and edit the order since the order deadline is on the coming Friday.

This is an app and should have such flexibility

Why should you have to log in again and create another order?

Guys, this is the 21 century where technology is at its peak…….

There’s not much “what’s in it for me”…..
Tampa, FL
Very bad service. I am gonna Put it in Facebook and YouTube and Your website .
Hudson, FL
We canceled service because they couldn’t provide the service that they said they would then they have the gall to charge me 55$ because we didn’t call them back when they called us to go over terms and conditions of why we canceled this says it all.
Spring Hill, FL
The service in which I was provided was not the service that was advertised or was told to me by Todd so actually I would like to discontinue any further service my pool was not brushed properly nor was it back washed properly nor was it vacuumed at all.
Tarpon Springs, FL
very Happy. I know there are a lot of leaves that fly into the pool. As soon as I can recuperate from my double knee surgery I can help to minimize the problem some. Thank you.
New Port Richey, FL
They installed my natural gas pool heater and I am very please with the job they have dome..
They are also providing my pool service and doing a great job.
Tampa, FL
John came out to service an issue with our pool equipment today. Within 5 mins he had it all sorted out and was super professional/friendly. Great representation of the organization!
Riverview, FL
John was here - he is a heck of a guy! Want him back at every visit!
Clearwater, FL
I paid an extra $150 to have our pool cleaned. Someone came out once a week ago monday. they were supposed to return 2-3 times + Friday was supposed to be our regular day but no one has shown up other than the 1st day and there is still dirt and alge in the pool. I just want the service that I am paying for and I am not getting it.
Stan Riley.
Clearwater, FL
Terrible service! Pool still green after 2 1/2 weeks 2500 later.
Port Richey, FL
Yes I am happy with the service I like having salt system.
Spring Hill, FL
Only 2 weeks since signing on with you. Impressed with Todd, but too soon to tell about service.
New Port Richey, FL
For the first of my service pool floor still looked dirty yellow.