Gain insight to optimize your website.

The Numbers That Count

ContactUs is able to provide analytics that will indicate the number of visitors who click each advertisement, the conversion rate of every web page, the keywords that are driving traffic, each site's positions in the search results, the amount of leads that generate revenue and the number of authoritative backlinks that are related to a company's website. When offering services that involve social media optimization, our state-of-the-art software can also determine the amount of potential buyers who like a client's profile during each month and the number of visitors who share the company's posts.

A Comprehensive Dashboard

Our company will provide statistics in monthly reports, with detailed analyses on search engine optimization, SEM, lead generation and social media optimization. The reports may indicate each tool's effects on sales, the overall satisfaction of buyers, the average subtotal of orders, the percentage of patrons who return products and the number of orders that each client places.

Measuring Success

Our experts are able to perform split testing in order to determine the effectiveness of certain designs, particular calls to action, custom contact forms and promotional offers. The analytics will examine the sources that are providing traffic for every landing page and the duration of each guest's visit.

We also offer a software program that helps companies to effectively organize leads and to evaluate the interests of a customer, the potential buyer's contact information, any questions that a client may have asked and other products that a patron has purchased. Furthermore, a business owner can opt to receive instantaneous notifications when a landing page generates a new lead.

Examining Phone Calls

If a company is managing a campaign that encourages customers to call a business, our cutting-edge system may indicate the phone numbers of potential buyers, each call's duration, the keys that a customer clicked and the geographic region of the caller. Likewise, the software will calculate the average profits that the phone calls are producing and the percentage of calls that can generate payments for associated marketers.

Calculating a Company's Return on Investment

By examining the statistics, our specialists can precisely evaluate the return on investment that each service is providing for a business and analyze key factors that could be affecting a company's profits. Moreover, the software will allow our experts to predict the future return on investment that other service plans could generate for each client.

Evaluating the Behavior of Potential Customers

Our state-of-the-art software is able to examine the sections of web pages that visitors typically click and the percentage of guests who place more than one order. The statistics can also help a business owner to determine the percentage of customers who will only purchase products if the business provides a promotional code.

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