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Automatically collect customer feedback each time you provide service.

ContactUs Business Reviews

Business Reviews helps you automatically collect customer reviews and publish them on your website. Consumers trust online reviews and look for them on local business websites before they decide who to call. Search engines are looking for customer reviews too, and rank websites with reviews higher than websites without reviews. Give consumers and search engines what they're looking for and you'll generate more leads and close more sales.

Take control of your online brand and reputation

Collect and publish positive customer reviews on your website — the face of your business online and the target for your lead generation investments.

Generate more leads from search engines and review sites

Use reviews to help your website pages place higher on search engines and to generate more clicks from search results pages and review sites.

Convert more prospects and close more sales

Add positive reviews to your website. Inspire trust and confidence so you convert more prospects into new calls and customers.

Automated Customer Review Collection

Let our automated system collect a steady flow of positive reviews from your customers — week after week, month after month, year after year.

  • Reach out to your happy customers and give a voice to this silent majority.
  • Allow your customers to provide reviews for your website in seconds on any device including smartphones. No signup or login required.
  • Expect an average response rate of 10-15%.
  • Encourage customers to post reviews on external review sites like Google+, Facebook and Yelp.
  • Prompt customers to share their review with their friends and followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Automated Review Publication on Your Website

Use our simple widget to add a real-time feed of positive customer reviews to your website in minutes.

Reviews drive website conversion and ranking — add the content prospects and search engines are looking for.

Feature your average customer rating prominently on your website to inspire the trust and confidence prospects need before they'll pick up the phone and call.

Use a prominent link to your customer reviews in your website menu or a sticky header section. Ensure that prospects researching your business are never more than a click or tap away from your reviews wherever they are on your site.

Include our reviews widget on every important page of your website to help those pages rank higher on search results pages and generate more clicks.

Instant Email & Text Alerts

Allow anyone in your organization to receive instant email and text alerts when new service reports come in.

Get real-time alerts each time you get a new service report.

Define unlimited recipients for new service report alerts.

Segment alerts based on customer rating and instantly route negative service report alerts to your customer service team.

Select email or text (sms) delivery for each person on your team.

Easy-to-Use Review Management Tools

Manage and measure effective email marketing campaigns that generate new business and strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

Create compelling email templates for newsletters, offers and more, and use them across multiple campaigns.

Manage multiple email lists.

Schedule campaigns for specific days of the week and time of day.

Track key delivery metrics including open, click and bounce rates.

Free Business Profile Page on

Showcase your business and customer reviews on

  • Provides another website for prospects to find when searching for you online (free leads).
  • Include all key information about your business including address, phone, website, photos, video and a customizable call-to-action button.
  • Optimized for search, mobile and conversion.
  • Exclusively focused on your business — doesn't link to your competitors like your Yelp page does.
  • Built-in engagement reporting plus option to use your own Google Analytics for engagement and conversion tracking.

Convert More Website Visitors to New Customers

Many studies have shown that undecided prospects are much more likely to call you after reading positive reviews on your website.

Feature your average customer rating prominently on your home page where potential customers will see it.

Include a link to your reviews in your main menu or a sticky header so that prospects are never more than a click away.

Inspire trust and confidence — consumers know that if your customers like you then they probably will too.

Help Your Website Pages Rank Higher on Search Engines

Google knows that consumers want to read reviews when researching local businesses. They generally rank local business websites with reviews higher than those without reviews.

  • Include reviews on every page of your website to help those pages place higher on search results pages.
  • Our reviews widget automatically publishes reviews on your website with the "rich snippet" information that Google is looking for.

Get More Clicks from Search Results Pages

We'll help Google include eye-catching stars — plus your rating and review information — on their search results pages. You'll get more clicks from potential customers.

  • Our reviews widget automatically publishes reviews on your website with the "rich snippet" information that Google is looking for.
  • Google will usually find your rich snippets and use them to present star rating and review information below your website link on their search results pages.

Review Summary Report

Track how your customer review collection program is performing over time.

See how many review requests you've made — and how many customers responded.

View the distribution of your reviews by rating star.

Monitor your average rating is trending over time.

Track how many reviews you've collected month by month.

Review Rollup Report for Multi-Location Businesses

Compare what customer ratings and reviews across multiple locations.

Compare and rank your service locations and see how they are trending over time.

Identify your top-rated locations based on average customer rating.

See which of your service locations are collecting the most customer reviews.

Open API for Automated Review Collection

Further automate your business review collection process by integrating ContactUs into your appointment or billing system.

  • Open API for full review collection automation.
  • Trigger automated review requests from any system including appointment and billing systems.
  • Define the timing and frequency of review requests to maximize response rate and avoid annoying your customers.

Designed for a Mobile World

Built from the ground up to work beautifully on smartphones and tablets.

Responsive, mobile-friendly user interface.

Easy for you and your prospect to use on any mobile device including smartphones and tablets.

Works great on laptops and desktops too.

Quick & Easy Setup — Set It & Forget It

Setup takes just a few business days and we do all the work for you.

  • Customize your business review request emails.
  • Decide who should receive email and text alerts for new reviews and route them intelligently based on customer rating.
  • Manage the look and feel of your business profile page on with custom photos, videos, call-to-action buttons and more.
  • Add a real-time feed of positive customer reviews on your website in minutes. Our account reps will work with your web team to make it happen.
  • Dedicated account support reps to provide personalized assistance if you need it.
  • No annual contracts. Cancel anytime.

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